Gmail Confidential Mode, send top-secret emails from your phone

All of us are concerned about sending sensitive information from our phone, aren’t we? Very recently Gmail introduced its confidential mode which allows users to send top-secret emails. This feature works perfectly on both Android and iOS devices.

According to the tweet updated by Gmail the last year, the new feature helps in protecting every sensitive information from unauthorized access.

The confidential mode lets the user have tight control over every email that you send. This feature lets you send emails that expire after a particular set of time, just like Snapchat messages. The recipient won’t be able to able to forward, copy, print or even download a confidential message that you send.  However, Google says that the recipient will be able to take a screenshot.

Also, while sending a confidential email you have the option of requiring an SMS passcode to open the message. If you choose this option, the recipient will only be able to read the email if and only if he/she puts the correct passcode.

First of all, you should know what Confidential Mode is. In this particular case, it represents a feature that activates when you want to send an important email. When you enable Confidential Mode, you can customize your content and other features that might be used while writing. You choose a recipient and just set the preferences. To be precise, emails that you send using this mode are specific because the person who receives them can’t copy them. The same principle applies to forward, printing or copying that email- it’s all disabled. And this is not related to content only; all attachments are included in the Confidential Mode too.


Another thing that is important to know is that Confidential Mode requires an expiration date for your email. Once the email has expired, the recipient won’t be able to access it anymore. Also, to access the content, the recipient must have a code provided by Google (generated passcodes) that he or she needs to enter. The passcode can be sent to the recipient’s email or its phone. Note that Gmail accounts can receive passcode only via SMS, and all others can use both options.

You can test this feature by sending a message using a Gmail app on your phone. It can be either a new message or just an old one, you just need to press the ‘’reply’’ button. The next step is to find three dots that should be located on the right corner (top right of your screen). You should enter the menu, find Confidential Mode and activate it. As you will notice, many options can be configured for the message you want to send in this mode. There are customizations such as expiration date length (that we already mentioned), you can specify which passcode method you want and so on.

Keep in mind that when it comes to the expiration dates, there are some limitations. There are only specific time frames that you can choose from. You can only set your message to expire after a single day, a single month, and three months or lastly your email can last for 5 years. It is not explained why Google determined only these possibilities but the point is that they are the only ones.




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