Gaming Trends In 2019 You Can`t Help But Try

The gaming industry is moving to a completely new level with no boundaries and limitations. Now both developers and gamers have a chance to make their craziest dreams a reality. And that’s only the beginning.

Games are becoming more technologically advanced with each day. All we have to do is try to stay in the real world and don’t get swept away by the virtual temptations.

However, it can`t stop us from experiencing new emotions, even if they come from the world of fantasy.

Let’s dream a little bit and dive into the tech trends, the gaming industry has brought to us.

Wearable Gaming: Giving a More Real Experience

Wearable devices allow us to immerse in the gaming world and experience new emotions with the help of our bodies.

Let’s see some of such available devices.

Vuzix I wear

Vuzix is a wearable display for mobile entertainment. It is a pair of video headphones that give users a mobile 2D and 3D video display. Its field of view is equivalent to 125” home theater screen.


Myo is an armband, that allows you to take control of almost any electronic device.

It is compatible with a variety of popular games you can check out here.

The device uses electromyographic sensors that sense activities in the forearm muscles. With the help of it, you can control the technology wirelessly with your motions.

Myo has over 100 electronic applications and connectors for music, games, multimedia, presentations, etc. for Windows, OS X, iPhone, and Android.


It’s writable for classic game lovers, that allows you to play even if you are away from your computer.

The founders of the Gameband also cooperate with Atari SA and Terraria, which means that it will offer a more diverse collection of games, including Ping Pong, Centipede, Asteroid and more.

Gameband syncs up to a computer via USB-C to a PC-based marketplace app  PixelFurnace, where you can play and download new games.

Virtual Reality

Of course, this aspect is impossible to miss. The potential of this great technology is large not only in the gaming industry. Let’s see some of the best virtual reality games we will have a chance to try in 2018.

Walking Dead VR

Skybound Entertainment and Skydance Interactive have confirmed that a Walking Dead VR game will be released in 2018. Moreover, companies promise to issue the whole series of Walking Dead virtual reality games. Soon we will see the result!

Lila`s Tale

Lila`s Tale will take you to the fantastic and magic world of virtual reality, where you can control the character just by glancing. Only imagine, Lila will go wherever you want, no jokes here.

Marvel`s Spider-Man

Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games and Marvel are collaborating to produce the virtual reality game, where you can feel yourself a Spider-man. They also promise to include unique elements that were not seen in Spider-Man game before. The game is expected to come out in 2018, so stay tuned!

Game Physics

Now games are becoming more realistic, giving us a feeling that everything happens in the real world, not on a computer. Exactly this pushes developers to create more creative games. Game physics contains the laws of physics in 3D computer graphics, that gives us more realistic effects.

Let’s see some examples.

Universe Sandbox

This is an interactive space game based on real science and physics, which makes it perfect for all space lovers. With Universe Sandbox you can simulate gravity, collide planets and stars, model Earth`s climate, build planets, terraform planets and even more.  It supports Virtual Reality for Oculus and Vive.

It`s a vehicle simulation game with physics and realistic graphics. This game uses a real-time soft body dynamics physics structure to simulate its vehicles. During the game, you can watch the cars explode into the separate components in slow motion. Great experience!

Spintires: MudRunner

With this game, you can imagine yourself a driver of all-terrain vehicles. You can drive 19 powerful vehicles with attachable equipment and unique characteristics.

It also includes extreme landscapes, where you can overcome different obstacles, that react to the weight and movement of your vehicle powered by the game`s physics engine.

In 2018, the tendency to develop game physics will be increased, as users expect to get more realistic physical interactions that mimic real life.

Voice tech – the next breakthrough in gaming

With the development of AI/VR, voice software started to actively enter the gaming world.

Soon players will have an opportunity to use voice commands to control the game flow.

For example, some popular games are already using voice technology. Call Duty players can interact with other members using a button on their keyboard and speak into the microphone.

Such an approach may be a little cumbersome, as it takes time. Voice communication during games needs to be smooth and fast. This is when voice technology may come for help.

Voice technology has all the chances to conquer the gaming and make it more interactive and entertaining.


Games can give us unforgettable emotions and let us dive into a completely fantastic world.

The gaming industry will benefit from such technological breakthroughs. It will continue to surprise us and provide new opportunities for both gamers and developers

According to the researches in 2019, video games have the biggest popularity among people 16 to 29 years old. Also, statistic shows that among that group, 70% plays regularly. On the other hand, older groups, from 30 to 49 years, for example, have a lower percentage of respondents that play. There is a group known as ‘’silver gamers’’. It represents players that are more than 65 years old. People of this age rarely play, and at this point, approximately 13% of older people that participate in different surveys play games.  Nowadays, the general attitude of youth is that computer games are as important as any other cultural or social aspect such as books, music, arts, and so on.

New technology evolves with the lightning speed, changing our perception of the word. We don`t know what to expect in the future, but let`s always be open to new impressions and experiences. The future is already here!


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