Overview of Few Important Tricks to Free up iPhone space

Looking forward to clicking some photographs, but your iPhone advises you that there’s not enough Space? Need to download a few recordings on your iPhone, but facing issue to record a video? In fact, you come across the message on your iPhone screen that tells you the download is suspended as a result of the Shortage of Storage. You get a notification emphasizing a reasonable amount of time to run an App because the iPhone space is full? If you are facing any such situations,  it’s an ideal time to free up the space to get rid of the iPhone Storage issue. And to conduct such tasks, here are a few steps that you can follow:

iPhone space

1: Back up Your data from iPhone to computer -iPhone space

With regards to Freeing up iPhone space, one of the approaches is to move down your iPhone to your PC and afterward delete the substance from your gadget. You can openly erase the files on your iPhone without agonizing over losing the data.There are various apps available for iPhone to transfer data to a PC. All that you need to do is download them on your iPhone, transfer the data to PC and get rid of iPhone Storage issue.

2: Get Free Space on your iPhone by merely deleting unwanted, unnecessary data like Photos and videos.

In case the photos were taken straight from iPhone, you may remove these data by following the steps mentioned and get rid of the iPhone Storage issue:

  1. Access the Photo App and tap on“select.”
  2. Then, make a selection of the respective “Photos” and “Videos” you want to delete
  3. Tap on “Trash” icon to successfully erase the files.

And, in case, the data (photos and videos) is being synced from iTunes then, connect your iPhone to the PC and run “iTunes” and de-Select Sync photos.

iPhone space

3: Removing Songs will give you free space on your iPhone

In case, you want to delete a few unwanted songs, you may follow these steps :

  1. Tap and open the App ”Music”
  2. Then, Select the song (to be deleted) and swipe to the right and
  3. Choose “Delete.”

And, in case, you are looking forward to getting rid of all the music then:

  1. Go to “Settings” and after that tap on “General.”
  2. Select on “Storage and iCloud” followed by choosing  “Manage Storage.”
  3. Select “Music” and select on “Edit.”
  4. And now select the song to be removed and tap on “Delete.”

4: Deleting some unnecessary Apps may give a right amount of space

Follow these steps to remove the Apps from your iPhone:

  1. Tap and hold the icon(App) till it bobbles or shakes.
  2. Then Select “X” to delete it, or follow this procedure:
  3. Go to “Settings” and select “General”
  4. Tap on “Storage and iCloud Storage” and select “Manage Storage.”
  5. Now, select the “App” and choose on “Delete App” to remove it.iPhone space

5: Removing text messages

You may get rid of iPhone Storage issue by merely deleting unwanted and old text messages, and you can follow these steps to do so:

  • Launch the app “Messages.”
  • Select “Edit.”
  • Select the messages to be deleted and Delete it

So, free up iPhone space by following these few hassle-free and straightforward procedure and get rid of the iPhone space issues successfully.

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