Fixed: Can’t Download Anything on Windows

Why My Windows Can’t Download Anything

We usually download kinds of stuffs from internet for work and entertainment purpose. It’s very common and easy. But sometimes, you may find you can’t download anything via App store or browser. How to solve this problem?

To deal with it, we need to make it clear that why this error happens. In general, we can sort the causes into 3 categories: incorrect internet option settings, browser errors and virus invasion. So, in the following part, we are going to share some practical methods to fix can’t download anything error on Windows.


6 Solutions to Error Can’t Download Files on Windows

Fix 1: Edit Internet Option Settings

When there is something wrong with Internet option setting, you may come across download failure if drive location is not the system disk in internet option. So, changing internet option settings is the solution in this circumstance.

Here is the guide:

① Type control in Run dialog and press Enter to open Control Panel window.

② Click Network and Internet and find Internet Options.

③ Click General tab > Settings in internet Properties window.

④ Under Current location, check if the drive location is C:. If not, click Move folder… and select a folder from C: as the drive location.

⑤ Restart your computer to see whether you can download successfully.


Fix 2: Check Downloading Files

When you can’t download anything from internet, you may go to download center to check whether there are multiple tasks being downloaded, or there are any large-sized downloads ongoing. If so, you might be unable to download the target files as the bandwidth is limited, while large-sized files take up most bandwidth.

To solve this problem, you can choose to pause other tasks and download the target files first. Be careful that do not begin too many download tasks at the same time.


Fix 3: Scan Computer and Remove Virus

Viruses and malware also can be the reason for Windows download failure. Viruses not only bring damage to data, but also install many junk programs on your computer.

So, it’s necessary to install antivirus program and run antivirus scan regularly to get rid of viruses and malware. Here, we take Windows Defender as an example.

① Go to Settings by pressing Windows + x keys.

② Click Update & security > Windows Defender > Open Windows Defender Security Center.

③ Then, click Virus & threat protection > Advanced link, choose Full scan.

④ Click Scan now to begin.

To know how to disable Windows Defender, please check here.


Fix 4: Clean Cache on Browser

As browser error also may lead to download failure, you can try clearing browser cache to see if it will work. Here is a guide on clearing cache on Mozilla Firefox.

Step 1. Enter Firefox page and click Settings (shown as three bars) on top right.

Step 2. Next, click Options > Privacy and security.

Step 3. Scroll down to find History. Then, click Clear History.

Step 4. Choose time range and history types to clear. Click OK.


Fix 5: Reinstall Browser

If the problem still exists after clearing browser cache, you may try reinstalling the browser or updating it to the newest version to fix the browser errors. After that, check you can download files via the browser.


Fix 6: Free up Disk Space

When the free disk space is not enough to keep the downloading files, it’s certain you will fail to download anything. So, make sure there is sufficient free disk space before downloading.

① Open This PC. Right click the partition (storing download files) and choose Properties.

② Both free space and used space can be seen. Click Disk Cleanup.

③ In the new window, you can select file types to deleted.

Alternatively, you can browse your files and folders in partition and remove useless files or apps manually to get more free disk space.



These are the common and useful solutions when you can’t download anything from internet. Now, you can try them to get the problem solved. Don’t forget to share this post to more people if it is helpful.

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