Facebook’s “Watch Party” Feature Rolls Out, Letting Groups Watch Videos Together

With a lot of talk of Data Leaks and Misinformation in the media, the most recent announcement of Watch Party feature by Facebook is actually like a breath of a fresh air.

Facebook has been testing Watch Party feature for last few months but now they have launched it officially.

The social network announces Facebook Watch Party. A new feature that is added to the groups. And that allows viewing of both live and conventional videos and commenting on them.

Watch Party

Facebook has implemented the new Watch Party function, a tool that allows several users of the social network to watch videos and interact with each other at the same time.

The US Company has published a statement announcing the new feature that is added to their groups and allows you to view both live videos and conventional videos uploaded to Facebook, and comment on them in the context of a real-time event.

Infinite Use & Possibilities:

Among the final uses of this function, Facebook has highlighted its applications to host rounds of questions and answers. It was about hobbies such as cooking, as well as its possibilities to share the details behind a video, share tricks or make tutorials, among others. The company has valued its possibilities as “infinite”.

Those people who like to watch TV, internet videos, movies, and other stuff together, Facebook has opened the floodgates for them. Watch Party feature is so easy and now family and friends can watch video altogether – Anywhere & Anytime.

Watch Party

How To use Watch Party Function?

  • This feature is exclusively for groups only.
  • To share the video you have to click on the text field as if you were to enter a comment.
  • There you will find a new icon, “Watch Party”, that you have to press.
  • Then a drop-down will open to announce to the rest of the members of the group that they are going to start playing a video.
  • From that moment you have to add a specific video of those previously published in the search engine.
  • It also allows a “streaming” broadcast so that contacts can see it and add comments and reactions.

Watch Party

Some Restrictions:

Watch Party function has some restriction such as this feature is only available for Facebook Group. However, Facebook has mentioned that they are testing to launch the same function outside of groups.

Another limitation of this function is that users can only watch videos which have been hosted by Facebook. You cannot add outside content or you cannot watch YouTube or any other videos.

In the tests of the tool, Facebook has observed its use in groups both small and large. Getting to organize simultaneous viewing events with durations of up to ten hours and with a number of up to 500 comments between groups of only ten people.


Facebook, which at the moment tests Watch Party in a restricted way only in the social network groups, has also announced its intention to extend this tool to other areas. Such as the pages, or even that it is possible to start these events directly from profiles and videos.

With this measure announced, the social network hopes that the experience of watching videos on Facebook can become even more fun and social.

This feature is sort of like tuning a channel and watches it with a group of friends or with family members.

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