Elon Musk suggests Mars colonization to preserve human species in 3rd World War

Even though Donald Trump announced that he will meet North Korea leader, Kim-Jong Un to decrease nuclear tension between countries, there is still fear that one day, World War III will happen. If the war happens, Elon Musk says for SXSW that humans should colonize planet Mars in order to preserve our species.

The plan is to ensure that colony on Mars has all the requisites and conditions for humans. That way they could live on the planet without any risk. The Moon could be another option but it’s closer to the Earth. In the events of the war, a colony on the Mars has a greater chance of survival than the base on the Moon just because it’s farther away.  The colony can reduce the length of dark ages that occur after the events of the possible war.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX to launch BFR for the first time in 2019

Elon Musk says that his company SpaceX is working on the rocket that will take humans to Mars. It’s a 100-meter ship that has the codename BFR or Big F**king Rocket. However, one thing is to build a big rocket and transport humans with it, but the other is to make the infrastructure on the Mars to sustain a colony. That requires an immense amount of work done and serious entrepreneurship.

Mars City plan by SpaceX

Naysayers can say that all of that is just some escape hatch for the rich people if the worst happens on Earth. Musk highlight the risks of such a mission by saying it’s difficult, dangerous and there is a good chance that some people will die, while survivors would be excited. There are not many people that will volunteer to go in the beginning. After some time, the colony would be hospitable and the life there would be like on Earth.

Even though Musk says that BFR will fly for the first time in the first half of 2019, he acknowledges that his timeline predictions are optimistic. The production of Tesla model 3, for example, has been delayed numerous times.

Dangers of unregulated AI

He also talks about the risks and chances of SpaceX and Tesla to succeed. Initially, he gave them both a success rate of 10% saying that they are both alive by the skin of their teeth. If anything goes bad, both companies would probably be dead. That’s why Musk didn’t want his friends to invest in SpaceX because he didn’t want them to lose their money. Instead, he used his own money, from the sale of PayPal, into the businesses.

Another reason for going to the Mars is unregulated Artificial Intelligence. The AI development usually goes with the premise of helping humans by taking some of their work and making life easier. But what if AI becomes super-intelligent without ethical restrictions and regulations? It could capture us and inject our brains with dopamine to keep us happy – Musk says. It could lead us to the aforementioned World War III. He suggests a public regulatory body would need “insight and oversight” to confirm that everyone was developing AI safely and in a way that is “symbiotic with humanity”.

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