Eclyse, the zorse!

People often hear about animal hybrids, and we see many of them daily. However, there are some hybrids that we’d consider fake, yet they do exist. One of these ‘’unreal’’ animal hybrids is a zorse. It is a cross between a horse and a zebra. There aren’t many of them, but they are easy to recognize because they have physical characteristics of both their parents. They look like a horse and have stripes like a zebra. It sounds unbelievable, but zorse has all these traits.

There is an interesting fact about the stripes tho, it is usually limited on the zorse even though one of the parents is a real zebra with full-bodied stripes. The physical location of stripes on the offspring is mostly limited to the part of the zorse’s backside, its legs, and its neck. The other parts of the body are colored just like the regular horse. Still, this doesn’t make zorse any less rare or less interesting, on the contrary, this is an even more unique trait that people like to see and take a photo of.

When it comes to animal instincts, there is a difference between domesticated horses and zorses. Zorses have inherited wild animal instincts thanks to their zebra parents. In practice, this means that zorses are harder to train and that they usually have a temperament that is harder to deal with than working with a normal horse. There are cases where zorses become aggressive which is rarely a case with the fully domesticated animals.

One of the photographers that had the opportunity to get a close look at them explained how their wild instinct is strong and that everyone who wants to get good pictures of them has to use different techniques to approach them or get their attention. Zorses are known to be curious, however, they don’t want to be disturbed so it is difficult to interact with them if you have something particular in your mind. They are unpredictable so it is no wonder that it is a real challenge making them trust you.

You can find many pictures of zorses on the internet that capture their unique beauty and the power of their duality. It is truly remarkable and alluring having the opportunity to see this kind of animal, a perfect combination between the untamed spirit and domesticated animal. This magnificent hybrid has its place on the list of most interesting animals that exist.

Still, there is one particular zorse that has been attracting attention from all over the world. This half-zebra half-horse animal is called Eclyse and she’s been famous for years thanks to its unique genes. The reason why Eclyse became so popular is the fact that genes she inherited made her look like a zebra that has stripes covered with some kind of paint. As we mentioned before, crossbreeds between zebras and horses usually have similar patterns, but Eclyse has stripes covering only the part of her face and one part of her rump.

The origin of Eclyse isn’t a secret. She was conceived by Eclipse, a female horse from Germany, and a zebra that she ‘’ met’’ while she was in Italy on the trip a few years ago. At first, Eclipse was staying at one ranch located also in Italy, however, the official keepers of Eclipse (from safari park named Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock in Germany) told the Italian guards that it is fine to let the German horse roam with other horses they had there. Luckily enough, that ranch didn’t have only horses, it had zebras too! And that’s where the story of Eclyse’s parents started. Ulysses, who is a zebra father of this beautiful zorse, was at that ranch to, and soon enough the world witnessed the birth of one of the most special hybrid creatures they had the opportunity to see. We would note that although everything happened in Italy, Eclyse was born in a safari park in Germany where her mother lived. At first, everyone was surprised by her birth, but soon she became an attraction that gained enormous attention at Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock.

Another interesting thing about zorses is that they are usually sterile, which means that Eclyse probably won’t have any offsprings. Furthermore, if there wasn’t an Italian adventure in which Eclipse and Ulysses met and got together, there wouldn’t be Eclyse to talk about in the first place. The reason that we mention this once again is that if it was reversed and the zebra was female and the horse was male, there wouldn’t be a chance for the progeny of this type.

Getting a hybrid is extremely rare because it is difficult to harmonize the difference between the numbers of chromosomes each species has. In this specific case, it was the power of nature that allowed the crossbreeding. It was possible because the male species had a lower number of chromosomes than the female one. In terms of science, the numbers say that typically horses have 64 chromosomes while zebras have only 44. We can conclude that zorse, or Eclyse has chromosomes that are matching some number in between.

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