Discover the Hidden Treasures of the Golden Triangle Tour

As the name suggests, today, we are talking about the hidden places of North India (Delhi, Jaipur and Agra) that you can easily cover with golden triangle India tour packages. Yes, as you know that these places make a triangle shape on the map that is why a lot of people to explore the interesting side of these cities. Here, you will get a chance to explore the hidden places where you visit but do not know about them. So, let me help you to discuss the hidden places that will help you to go for walks these places again, like


ITC Grand Bharat:

This empire ITC Grand Bharat has a 27-hole golf course green pitches sandawana rich surprises that includes the 1.2sq km estate are finding it far from Delhi riding center 37 km. This resort is colored roses union hired the architectural information from across the continent where it is located 104 luxury suites have been selected and a handful of fancy dining option, which combines beautiful enough area Mewati barbecue in Apas Promenade.

Lodi Gardens:

Capital of India, Delhi has many attractions are India Gate, Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb which swarm with equally amazing crowd. To avoid the tour bus, then take a walk to a stunning paradise of Lodi Gardens. Here, al-fresco dining room is quiet Sewara Hospitality, the leafy Garden Restaurant, providing rates offered Alka-flavored fresh from the grill outside his under color leopard oldest trees Lodi.



Located in Jaipur signature becomes reddened, Amanbagh neighboring group of remnants of the 17th century high, coming by a camel ride magnificent moves over Rajasthan scouring scattered scene. suite retreat refer back to the Mughal period, every single dome cupola and generous curves with the great support of the game, making this one of the most luxurious hotels nurseries backward India. Adjusted four to 21-day engagement can be accessed Ayurvedic welfare for those who need extra, additional part of TLC.

A Hot Air Balloon Safari:

In Jaipur, the activity of a hot air balloon made from a different location. And some general locations are Shiv Vilas, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, Delhi-Jaipur road. Basically, the normal timing for the activity of a hot air balloon in Jaipur are 6:15 and 4:00 throughout September and November, 05:30 middle of April to June, and 6:45 am and 3:30 through December to March.


Mela Kothi:

Also known as Chambal Safari Lodge which is open around the campfire subsequent successful jeep safari, bells and chirps Chambal Valley community’s relaxed at night, hanging out with the clink of tonic and gin organized it is something that we all can get very used to. It takes one hour from the Taj Mahal to Mela Kothi – the Chambal Safari Lodge is a charming, family-run gem important.

Mehtab Bagh Gardens:

As chimney crowd towards the security gate of Taj Mahal’s official arrival, avoid into a stunning garden Mehtab Bagh luxury of resting on the banks of the river Yamuna which is just opposite the Taj Mahal and is a major glimpse of the golden triangle tour by car.

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