China Develops ZKZM-500 – Long Range Laser Gun

China is now the first country officially to have a production ready Laser Gun assault rifle. The weapon was developed at the Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Laser Gun

From their inventors, the Laser Gun was classified as not deadly, but only partially true. The energy beam of the ZKZM rifle is intended for so-called soft targets. The power of the laser gun is sufficient to cause severe injuries to the skin and tissue 800 meters away.

Even flammable clothing could be ignited by a shot of this rifle in a flash and cause serious injury to the victim which may also lead to death. To shoot through armor, the energy of the laser gun is not enough but perhaps to bring an unprotected fuel tank to explode.

Cost-Effective Production:

The Chinese defense industry is known to often cooperate with civilian companies. Wang Zhimin, a research associate at the Laser Physics and Laser Technology Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, confirmed that scientists have succeeded in recent years in developing smaller, more powerful weapons in the same way as cell phone manufacturers. “This is no longer science fiction. These things have long since arrived in real life.”

Laser Gun

Laser Weapons Will Soon Be Indispensable:

As the inventors of the new ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle emphasize, the new rifle offers many advantages over conventional rifles. Thus, the new weapon is absolutely silent and is therefore particularly suitable for surprise attacks.

The researchers said its invisible frequency and no sound gives the advantage of no one knowing where the attack came from. Since the laser moves in a straight line and is not affected by the wind, a provision or the setting of the telescopic sight is unnecessary. In addition, a laser beam is much faster than a bullet, which makes the weapon significantly more accurate.

The square-looking weapon has a lithium battery and weighs just three kilograms with the battery. With one battery charge, the ZKZM-500 can fire about 2,000 rounds, pinpointing targets at a distance of 800 meters. Thus, the range is significantly larger than conventional assault rifles.

Laser Gun

ZKZM-500 Laser Gun Is Ready For Series Production:

The new weapon is already ready for series production, but the inventors are still looking for a bulk buyer in the defense industry. This laser gun costs about 100,000 Chinese Yuan (US$ 15,000). It is expected that Chinese special force will receive the first copies of this laser rifle.

Laser Weapons Are In Great Demand:

Not only China has been researching laser weapons for years, but also other nations, especially the USA, want to focus more on laser weapons in the future. Although the U.S.A. themselves use or test laser weapons previously installed on ships to launch aircraft or armed autonomous and remote-guided drones, they criticize China for its new laser assault rifle.

China, in turn, criticizes the U.S.A. for its plan to use a laser to eliminate space debris. After all, such a laser would also be able to launch satellites.

This laser gun is said to be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.

Isn’t it a future weapon!

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