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When we become parents, we believe that the main function of our children is to offer them the best quality of life and to enjoy multiple benefits and comforts. As they grow older, they demand more details or things that make one as a parent invests in more according to the family’s lifestyle.

At a stage in the life of the children, they reach adolescence, which in itself becomes many details, changes, among other things, that produce in the parents, a certain level of independence of the adolescent towards the parents and parents to the children.

Statistics show that the gift that teenagers most ask from parents are cars, in addition to other things, the car becomes the first option, not to mention, that in many countries it happens to be a kind of tradition, buy the car or give the son one of the family’s cars, making it clear that the young man begins his stage of maturity and responsibility with this product in a certain way, indispensable. Statistics show something similar to this:

  • Cars (new or used)
  • Trips with friends
  • Plastic surgeries
  • High gamma cell phones
  • Tablets or electronic products

When deciding to give your teenage son a vehicle, he must mainly understand and work to fulfill the responsibilities of having his hands on a steering wheel, and you, as a father, must induce that kind of values ​​and principles that he must have from its upbringing, so that at the wheel, it is an example to follow between friendships, that includes, to investigate on the insurances for teenage cars, to train in the steering wheel and of course, to win its desired gift.

Car insurance: Hands behind the wheel

It is natural that a father wishes to teach his adolescent son to drive, however, it is mandatory that he enters by his license, and for that, it is not too much to enter those auto schools, in which of course, he will learn things that as a father, he can that you have forgotten at the time, and you will get your license faster and easier.

You can, as advice, make your teenager, tests at home before the final test, and so you will certify that you are fully aware of everything you need to know to earn your license.

What car should I buy?

This is something really important and that you cannot miss. It is obvious that buying the first car from your teenager causes great emotion, but you have to be a little sensitive when making that great investment, so both insurance and statistics refer to the type of car you should buy for your son. Teenagers tend to lose their fear behind the wheel.

It is not difficult for them to be a bit reckless when it comes to driving, so it is best to buy a low-cost car (if it is new) and not waste a monetary amount on a Next-generation car and a super expensive brand, when you know that car maintenance will be unpayable.

Many brands have in their collection, several models that fit the teenager, includes high-tech accessories, are very elegant or flashy and the size is perfect to reach an adequate number of passengers.

Not to mention the insurance, which will be fully accessible to your pocket and the car service will not take you out of budget every time it touches you, so opt for small cars, such as the Toyota Yaris, for example, and that way you will be teaching to your son to work to continue emerging and changing his lifestyle.

Car insurance for teenage cars

This issue is somewhat complex, for the client as such, because there are really many negatives on the part of insurers to be able to accept cars with teenage drivers, this is because statistics have shown, that teenagers have been irresponsible at the wheel and that generates loss for the insurer, therefore, all have demands and restrictions that not any adult would commit and are not willing to cover.

Self-insurance for teenagers is very demanding, since while the contracts for an adult and professional holder do not include certain rules that an adolescent does include for the same immaturity that these young people have shown while driving and many recklessness tend to be:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances
  • Talk or write on a cell phone while driving
  • Excess speed
  • Disrespect the traffic regulations
  • Excess passengers in the vehicle
  • Transfer the driver’s position to a partner without a license or knowledge
  • Cause accidents to third parties or damages

These are just some of the problems for what has happened or novice teenagers tend to go through when they drive on their own, that is why insurers have become somewhat demanding to cover these very particular assets.

Other requirements of car insurance

Some companies have chosen to deal directly with the holders of the teenager or representative since it would be like a kind of legal figure against the insured teenager, but there are certain terms and conditions that vary depending on the insurance company and its regulations, some of them may be:

  • The minor must drive with an adult until they turn 18
  • You must not drive high-traffic roads or highways
  • The insurer is not responsible for accidents caused by the adolescent
  • The actual cost of the vehicle must not exceed a limit proposed by the insurer
  • There are cars that under no circumstances can be insured
  • The insurance will be of a single amount

These are hypothetical points since as you know, each company has its regulations and requirements and it will depend on each representative to evaluate which one it considers that best suits their needs.

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Car insurance: Educate the value of responsibility and standards

Although this type of education should be received by children from an early age, it is important to make important stops with adolescents, since as future adults, they must understand that driving alone or with passengers, implies taking maximum care, because their life and that of their Companions may be at risk.

In different countries, it has been known that the majority of traffic accidents have been caused by negligence of the adolescent driver, and in several of those cases, there have been losses to regret, that is why, as parents, we must make constant evaluations with the adolescent about the physical and motor state of the car, if there are fines on behalf of the teenager or if their social circle revolves around the nightlife and excessive drinks.

Educate your children about car insurance

To forge a good future in our children, it is important to educate them, not only when paying for a good university or paying for a prestigious school, education and values ​​come from family and children always follow the examples of parents, so it is important to remember that being a good driver is the best guide for the teenager to follow that path.

Additionally, it can extend the life of the vehicle and its insurance when it tests the adolescent and he meets them fully, for example:

Placing requirements that imply values: A good start could be that, requiring the adolescent to get good grades in school, in this way he will be rewarding the teenager and the vehicle will be a wonderful prize.

Driving accompanied: Mainly, while the adolescent is released on his own, it is advisable to always drive accompanied by an adult or representative, in addition, there is insurance that requires it in their contracts.

Put short distances: It is best to start small, go kilometers or areas to drive and as the teenager deserves it, you will be allowed more kilometers, for example, drive only through the urbanization, then you can leave the urbanization at Nearest shopping center, then to school, and so on until you achieve independence with the car.

Driving for hours: This is important, you can start by placing driving schedules, start with the afternoon schedule, then drive only during the day, during the day and in the rain, until you reach the night, when the requirement must be higher and cautiously without being measured, until finally he is allowed to dawn with the car and it would be the total independence of the teenager.

Making prohibitions is not bad: You are to protect your child, and teenagers tend to be a bit rebellious by nature, so many prohibitions tend to be timely, such as driving after drinking alcoholic beverages, using the cell phone while it is driven. These types of rules will help you create habits, such as the use of a seat belt, which at any time you may need.

Meet the best cars for teenagers

The idea is to help you find options to give your teenager a vehicle suitable for your pocket and so that the insurance has no problems, so, this small list of different car brands could help you choose the one you like best for your teenager:


This brand has in its collection an ideal car for teenagers, for its size and contributions when driving, and that is the Nissan Versa, for the price do not worry, it is one of the most accessible.


This brand has years in the market and is characterized by being one of the most varied, and for a teenager it has the Chevrolet Spark and is one of the most sought after by parents to give their teenagers, not counting the colors so alive and striking that the brand has.

Showing products of the same line of Chevrolet, we can not pass up, teach you about the Chevrolet Sonic, which is undoubtedly a little wider than the Spark, the cost is really different and the colors and design will be adored by your son.


We know that this brand is not economical at all, but without a doubt, starting as a teenager with a car like the Mitsubishi Mirage is a big step, so write down your brand of options as possible.


If you are afraid that your child will have problems with a large car, this brand is better for your teenager, who comes in the Smart Fortwo collection, which is super small but comfortable, and with a beautiful and elegant design.


You could not miss this prestigious brand, and because of the size without thinking, it is one of the most comfortable and complete autosports on the market; We are talking about the Ford Fiesta, which comes in sober colors and is designed to be driven by teenagers and not so teenagers.


As we mentioned paragraphs ago, the Toyota brand has in its collection, a spectacular and ideal car for teenagers, the Toyota Yaris, is not more than the same quality of the brand, but in a smaller car, and comes in different colors, perfect for a son or daughter.


Although it is a high-cost brand, really having a car of this level rises in prestige and undoubtedly elegance at any time, that’s why the Mazda2 is one of the best options for your teenager, and the designs are so beautiful, who will want to have it for many years.


If you are not in the economic availability of acquiring a dealership car it is also completely valid, therefore, many parents choose to fix or give as a gift one of the cars in the house, thus making the teenager learn about the value of humility and develop the habit of work to improve that appreciated gift.

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Values ​​encourage good society

As parents, one of the main values ​​that we must encourage, beyond consent, is to show that the car is a gift to the sacrifice of some achievement obtained by them, that it is not a good obtained because they demand it, but because it is something really deserved.

Let’s not forget that cars are as important as pets, because although we don’t talk about a life as such, by accepting the keys of a vehicle, we accept the commitment and responsibility of keeping the car in the best conditions, to demonstrate, that Despite being teenagers, they are able to respond and act maturely and sensibly.

The insurance companies will be in the full happiness of assuring them, as long as they see the commitment and responsibility of the paternal part as that of the teenage driver, resulting in a good alliance.

Prudence is educated among the family, the habit also, in this way, will not be part of the statistics and will be the right side, in which they can make a difference in society, working as a family to be a society with responsibilities, respect and above all, prudence and maturity.

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