Who is a high-risk driver?

This is a driver who has got in an accident or made too
many claims on the insurance. When a car insurance provider sets your rates, those premiums are largely based on how likely
an insurer thinks you are to get in an accident or make a claim. However, you do
have options to improve your driving record and reduce your risk level in order
to get better insurance rates.

The following make high-risk Driver

Insurers will categories you into a high-risk driver for the following reasons

  1. You have a poor credit history. The insurer’s subject auto scores affect your insurance rates especially when your credit score is low. The insurance company looks at your credit history to predict the type of consumer behavior. They want to determine how risky a customer you would be when they give you a cover.
  2. You’ve received multiple speeding tickets or traffic violations. The insurance company normally check the driver driving history. When the multiple tickets appear on your record, the insurance company will certainly increase your premium rates. If you happen to get more violations on your driving record, the insurance might decide to drop your coverage.
  3. Convicted of a hit and run or have suspended license. When your conviction appears during the background check on your driving history. The insurance company will categories you as a high-risk driver. They will increase the premium rates from either 30 to 47 percent.
  4. New Driver. When you are a new driver your categories as high risk because you have no experience behind the wheels. The insurance company will charge you high premium rates because the probability of getting into an accident is high.
  5. Your car has a salvage title. The insurance company categories salvage title vehicles as risky than standard title vehicles. They will charge high premiums rates to insure the car.
  6. You have been convicted of a DWI or DUI. The conviction of a DUI will remain on your driving record for 10 years. When the offense shows up on your driving record. This will alert the insurance company to categories you as a high-risk driver. They will charge you high premium rates.
  7. You’ve been involved in an at-fault car accident. When you have been involved in an at-fault car accident you will definitely lose your good driver insurance discount. This change will make your premium rates to be increased by either 20 to 25 percent. The increase will stay in place for the next three years. It is advisable to drive safely and to avoid getting into additional accidents.
  8. You need an SR-22 Certificate. It covers property damage and any liability arising from the accident that was caused by the insured subject. The insurance company will certainly raise your premium rates from either 14 to 40 percent.

Bottom Line

When your insurer considers you a higher risk of accidents, getting auto coverage can be very challenging. It is advisable to always compare none standard car insurance to find a great deal even with a few blemishes on your driving record. Its advisable to speaks directly with insurance company that specializes in drivers with poor driving record.

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