Cheap car insurance for first time drivers under 25

 Why are first time drivers under 25 premiums are so high?

The age of an individual is the main contributor in determining how much premium you will be charged by insurance companies. It is a fact if you a driver who is under 25 years old, you will be charged a higher premium. The insurance companies look at first- time drivers as less experience behind the wheel and more prone to getting in an accident. The insurers’ statistics indicated the more years behind the wheel, the more experience the driver and is less likely to get into an accident. This will directly mean that it will cost less the insurance to insure experience driver. Which translate into less premium charges

How can I get cheaper car insurance as a younger new driver under 25?

Shop Around
Money plays a crucial role in choosing cheaper car insurance. It is best to look for several quotes in the market. This will help you to choose a package that is cheaper and affordable. Moreover, you are can save money in the long term.

Defense driving classes
It is advisable to add on your driving skills, the defensive driving course. Where you will learn to deal with dangerous driving situations to reduce the chances of getting into an accident. The insured subject will qualify to get a discount depending on the law requirement of the state.

It is within your right to make claims. However, it advisable not to make a lot of claims because it reflects poorly on your driving record in the long run. It will indicate to the insurance company that you a risky driver which results in being charged higher premiums.

Affordable Car

Buying a cheaper car does not directly necessary mean you will pay low premiums. Because, the insurance companies look at the age of the driver, the number of insurance claims and the driver’s record.

Parent’s policy

The parent’s policy is another option to save money and get cheaper car insurance. When your parents agree to add you to their policy. They will be charged a higher premium which you can chip in to offset the balance. The added benefit, you both qualify multi-car discount.

Car Tracking devices

It is advisable to input a car alarm and tracking device that can be used by the insurance company. This will help to keep track of the car and driving history. This will help to improve your driving for the better.

Student Discount

Majority of insurance companies have students’ discounts. Remember, to qualify, the insured subject must be a full-time student and have a GPA of 3.00. However, you lose the discount if your grades drop.

Bottom line

It is important to get the right car insurance package that will be affordable and beneficial in the long run. It doesn’t harm to do a lot of shopping around to get the best deal in the market. The best way to get the best deals in the long run, is by following the rule of the law and create a good driving record.

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