Car Insurance with Lowest Insurance Rates for Teenage Drivers

When it comes to teenage drivers, two facts are undeniable. Firstly, most of them are new on the roads. Second, they are prone to fatal accidents, as most are not well experienced. As a result, the insurance rates for teenage cars tend to be hiked up. Luckily, some vehicles are offering relatively lower insurance rates for teenage drivers. Let us introduce you to the top four cars in this list:

1.     Mazda 3′

Mazda 3 is among the vehicles with low insurance rates. Influencing this is its affordability as well as its excellent safety ratings. Notably, the cars of this brand become fitted with a rollover sensor, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, side airbags, and daytime running lights. It new model also has cruise control which monitors the engine and brakes in an attempt of maintaining safe speed along with the distance between your car and the car in front of your vehicle. Championed by this, it is not likely that you will land into any problems when cruising on it hence its low insurance rates.

2.     Honda Civic 4-door

In recent years, the designers of Honda civic have focused on nothing short of safety of their drivers. The reason is that they have added a reverse camera in all their brands. Further, these cars feature front and rear head curtain airbags, daytime running lights, electronic stability control, front seat-mounted airbag, and anti-lock brakes. What is even more interesting is the cars hands-free Bluetooth phone connection and digital dashboard control which is a steal for teenage drivers.

3.     Toyota Prius

Any car that is not eco-friendly is not conducive for teenage drivers. Championing this is the fact that it is at risk of various dangers which forces insurance firms to install huge rates on them. Luckily for the Toyota Prius, it is Eco-friendly hence has low insurance premiums. Moreover, it is also fitted with anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, side airbags, and knee airbags which aid the drier to minimize knee injuries should a frontal crash occur.

4.     Ford Fusion

The last car with the lowest insurance rates for teenage drivers is the ford fusion. What makes its insurance prices to be relatively lower than the majority of the vehicles in the market is several safety factors. To begin with, Ford Fusion features stability and traction control. It also has blind sport mirrors along with optional lane departure warning. Along with low rates, teenage drives of ford fusion also get to enjoy speed limit features which are a relieve for any parents out there who know their teenage son or daughter has their hands on a particular wheel.


There are other cars with low insurance rates for teenage drivers. If you do not have an expert to assist you in evaluating the car’s competence to justify its low rates, it is okay. You have to ensure that the vehicle, along with having low rates, is fitted with safety gears like the ones mentioned in most of the cars highlighted in this piece.

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