Brian Chesky: Airbnb and starting a revolution

Chesky: I think it’s the currency of trust and that used to live only with a business. Only businesses could be trusted or people in your local community.

Now that trust has been democratized; any person can act like a brand.

Airbnb is a way that you can when you’re traveling book a home anywhere around the world by anywhere 34,000 cities in 190 countries. That’s every country but North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Cuba.

The reason we started was I was living with my roommate Joe in San Francisco and I couldn’t afford to make rent. That weekend international design conference was coming to San Francisco. All the hotel was sold out. Joe had three air beds we pull the air beds out the closet, we inflated it and we called it the air bed and breakfast and the reason it’s grown so fast is unlike traditional businesses we don’t have to pour our concrete, the infrastructure in the investment was already made by cities a generation ago and so all of a sudden all you needed was the Internet.

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