Bluetooth speakers: How to pick out the best one?

Technology has become a revolution due to the current difference between how music is heard in the environment of consumption and domestic. We can listen to the music generally in our internal memory of the phone or in our streaming service making our way of listening change since we do not do it by fixed sound systems but by our hearing aids although there is also a new Bluetooth speaker.

There is a great interest to keep up in this world, especially when technological advances are leaps and bounds and a good part of society prefers to stay at the forefront of all this evolution.

Much news happens daily, related to connectivity, responsible technology with the environment, equipment, recent cell phones, tools and advantages of the use of certain electrical, electronic, wireless, among others.

The resources for audio and music are very well consumed worldwide, and if that were not enough, users are constantly demanding improvements, evolutions and adaptations to their need and environment as with the use of loudspeakers, speakers or cornets as they are also popularly known.

Nowadays, the specialized sound technology portals are closely linked to the different sources of social networks and can thus reach the largest audience, capturing the attention of potential customers interested in improving their audio experience with new speakers

The musical field is extremely broad, and every day presents innovative ideas so that all music consumers worldwide can hear the audios they prefer with the best sound quality, this is a great advantage to be able to adapt to market innovations and is the key for many people to know relevant information.

Until now, in normal circumstances, to listen to music at an expansive volume, it was necessary to use cables connected to an audio source, either using the number of speakers available with an amplifier or simply using a sound cable connected to your iPod.

Wireless Technology

Not only can we say that with the appearance of wireless technology the annoying cables begin to disappear, but the sound quality is the same or it can be even better. Also the opportunity to take advantage of more sound equipment increases as long as they are provided with the devices to connect to each other wirelessly.

Wireless speakers allow you to use only your Smartphone if you want to listen to music, either in the car while driving, in an impromptu meeting, in a field trip or to spaces where there is no connection or source to conventional electricity.

This is already a great achievement! And that is why the most frequent thing today is that anyone has the possibility of having and using a tiny device like this every day to listen to music at any time.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are currently very fashionable, and what better way to meet them but through your favorite technology blog; sound amplifiers are very sought after to emit music and sound with greater volume, either for common or residential use, or for events, parties and special meetings.

In the electronic market there is a wide variety of amplifying sound options and today we will show you the 5 best choices on the market of Bluetooth Speakers today so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

The Bluetooth Speakers can be found more and more frequently, due to its ease of use, convenience and convenience to move and connect. Compared with other sound amplifiers on the market, Bluetooth speakers are very easy to use, offer powerful sound quality and can be used for multiple uses.

It can be used to spread the music any space, it does not matter whether it is placed inside a gym or in a children’s party, on the beach, in your office, or in the place you prefer.

Bluetooth Advantages

It is easy to install due to the absence of cables and its maintenance is totally basic and preventive. In short, there are many benefits of having a device like this to listen to your music whenever and wherever you want.

Currently, the largest amount of information, including music files are found in cell phones, therefore, the best option to listen to music that you like at a higher volume is with Bluetooth speakers. It is the best way to reproduce it comfortably, linking it directly to your device without the need for cables or intermediary accessories.

Some characteristics that must be taken into account to buy good Bluetooth speakers now find them on this site. There are dozens of Bluetooth speakers, with some variables such as weight, volume, sound power, auxiliary inputs, many models and recognized brands of the market.

It would be wonderful if every client could choose the right one, that is why today we will dedicate ourselves to provide the most complete and detailed information of the 5 best Bluetooth speakers so that they know what is offered in the market and which is the most convenient to buy.


The main features that you must take into account to buy some of the most popular Bluetooth speakers of 2019 are:

  • Portability; the lightness with which you can move is very important to have a portable computer that is too heavy to carry from one site to another.
  • The design; the shape or geometry of the speaker influences the projection of sound, design or shape with many edges tends to distort the sound.
  • The battery; you should know the capacity of the battery to be sure of having autonomy when listening to music. There are very efficient battery-powered Bluetooth speakers, which give you up to 18 hours of autonomy
  • The Power; It is an important factor not decisive for customers when buying; there are other immersed features such as sharpness and brightness of the sound.
  • Connectivity; having ports to make physical connections is important when saving batteries. This allows connecting to PC, Smartphone, tablet, and any other sound device.
  • The price; By knowing its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages you can obtain the best quality/price ratio to choose your best option.

We offer a varied offer with Bluetooth speakers of different ranges so you can make the comparison before choosing the one that fits your needs and the most outstanding of 2019 are:

  • Bluetooth Speakers Sony SRS XB-41

one bluetooth speaker SONY SRS XB-41 is the high-end wireless speaker with excellent functionality, has the best technology of LED lights and microscopes that can be controlled from an application, as well as configure some sounds.


  • The sound power is clear, clear, and has several modes that sound in unison along with the lights.
  • Its weight is greater than one kilogram, made of a material highly resistant to impact and shock.
  • It has a battery with an average of 12 hours.
  • It is waterproof, it can be submerged to a depth of 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes and continue to emit high quality sound.
  • Its price range is an average of $ 150, however, we invite you to check recent prices on large platforms like Amazon.


  • It is one of the high-end speakers with the best quality/price ratio that is currently on the market, high strength and autonomy.


  • Its weight is greater than one kilogram; the duration of the battery depends on the intensity of the volume.


  • Bluetooth speakers Denon Envaya DSB 250BT

a black speaker

DENON ENVAYA DSB 250BT offers highly surprising sound quality, its sharpness is unique and has an integrated passive radiator that allows improving bass sounds. Its dimensions are small, only 21 centimeters long; Its sound power is matched with other speakers of greater size.


  • It has a great design with strong external controls, and far exceeds the normal range of 10 meters, with 30 meters of range, it is really a team with surprising sound quality.
  • It has a battery of up to 13 hours.
  • It is compatible with Siri.
  • Its price is really accessible because it is undervalued in the market, a situation that until now has no reasonable reason since this team has many virtues that place it in a highly competitive place in the market.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • The autonomy of the battery for 13 hours
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Digital amplifier and real stereo sound
  • Compatible with Siri


  • Does not include power adapter
  • Does not include 3.5mm minijack cable


  • Bluetooth Speakers JBL Charge 4

a gray speakerJBL CHARGE 4 has an excellent full-range driver of 5x 9 cm that achieves 30W RMS of power, to provide a highly crisp and balanced sound, has a modern polymer lithium battery of 7500mAh that allows charging even load other devices.


  • It has a USB charging port only. Provides a range of up to 18 hours of sound at a regular volume, if used at a higher volume this performance would be half.
  • Its weight is less than one kilogram.
  • It is designed with highly resistant and waterproof material, it also floats in the water. It comes in a variety of colors so you can even choose it from the color you want.
  • It is very practical to move and very light, a very complete option, an excellent combination of quality and sound, although it is priced a bit higher than the others on this list.


  • It works like power bank
  • It has a LIPO battery of 7500
  • It floats on water


  • It weighs one kilogram
  • The USB port is only charging

  • Bluetooth Speakers Philips Bt2600b-00

Philips Bt2600b-00

With Philips Bt2600b-00 you can take your music anywhere, with a power of 4W RMS and mono sound system that makes it unique and unmatched with other amplifiers of the same brand. Its compact design is second to none, it is 10.7 cm high, 9.7 cm wide and 3.2 cm deep and its weight is really light. It weighs only 210 grams.

It has multiple connections and auxiliary input, which allows alternating the music of two devices at the same time. It has a built-in microphone so you can use it in the hands-free mode.

The price is accessible compared to other suggestions in the list and has a durable battery, and includes a USB cable to charge on PC.


  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Power 4W RMS
  • Includes a USB cable


  • It is not resistant to knocks or falls


  • Bluetooth Speakers EU BOOM 3


The surround technology that this speaker has will not get it in any other device; the bass is deep and clear with the 360 ​​º omnidirectional sound that gives us. It is ideal for listening to music in outdoor environments and functions can be controlled through an application.


  • Its design is one of the most modern in the entire range of portable speakers and is lighter than previous models.
  • It is one of those that offer the best quality/price ratio on the market, and it’s better known as the all-terrain loudspeaker because of its certificate against water and dust that has been improved. It is a very complete and versatile speaker for the most demanding users.


  • Scope of up to 45m
  • Very complete APP
  • Resists drops of up to 1.5m
  • Resistance to water and dust


  • No minijack (physical connectivity)


In this descriptive summary we have chosen top 5 Bluetooth models to show the users the Bluetooth speaker that best suits your needs.

It is impossible to summarize all the brands that can be found in the market, but with these five models, it is possible to cover the main characteristics that most customers look for when they want to buy a product wireless speaker, here they have taken into account their features, quality, price, connectivity, power, autonomy.

And the most important thing is that we have been able to include a compatible variety with the necessary devices to take your music anywhere, you can connect to Smartphone, Tablet, IPhone and other devices with Android technology.

You can find in detail the characteristics in which you should set when choosing a portable Bluetooth speaker for your needs, with the desired standards, with the best adaptability to your equipment and spaces so you can always feel comfortable with your computer to listen to the music you like the most.



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