Big Data Analytics: Revolutionising Your World

A term very often thrown about these days, Big Data is a set of data – very large in volume and very complex in nature. So mysterious the traditional data processing software are unable to deal with it. The challenges involved in big data are the capturing of such voluminous data, storage of data, sharing & transfer mechanisms, updating procedures, visualisation, and above all, user privacy. The three dimensions, which are attached with Big Data are Volume, Variety, and Velocity. This indeed defines the essence of this tremendously important resource. Big Data moves at a great speed, which means that it far exceeds the current processing capacity of modern computing systems. Big Data analytics is now central to any organisation’s success. Let’s see why.

Use of Big Data

Big data helps companies improve their operations, enabling them to take faster decisions intelligently. Ah, you must be wondering about the collection of that data. Well, there are a number of resources from where this data is collected. These are emails, applications, servers, databases, mobile devices, and numerous other means. It’s not possible, in fact, to list them all here!

Big Data is huge

What is done with this big data? Enter Big Data Analytics

Big Data, after capturing is first formatted, manipulated, stored, and then finally analysed. Big Data analytics is very crucial to any company. It helps the company gain insight into increasing their revenue, raising the number of potential customers, and above all, to retain their customers. It also helps companies to improve their operations, in a big way.

Big Data: The Revolutionising Technology

Big Data isn’t always a large volume of data, but the term also refers to the technology, which includes the essential tools and processes. This technology is used by organisations to store the huge amount of data and handle it in a convenient way. The term big data is being used almost everywhere – offline and online.

Data Stored in the CLOUD

Since Big Data is so vast, it is stored in a cloud. In simple terms, Cloud computing is a type of internet computing where the services of servers, applications, and storage are all provided to the computer systems of the organisation.

Cloud Computing incorporates the storage and assessment of data and programs over the internet. The word ‘Cloud; is used here for the internet. Data stored in the cloud means that the data is stored in logical pools in an organised way on physical servers. This is the power of the cloud- you can access your data anytime, anywhere.

 Big Data & Big Data Analytics

Big Data is Changing The World

For starters, it helps in improving healthcare. Data analysis help in the early detection of diseases and also to develop new medicines and treatments. It also helps in the prediction of natural and man-made disasters and determines our response towards these. We can predict where an earthquake would strike, for instance. Police forces are also adopting these strategies to prevent crimes. As you can see, the uses of Big Data analytics are highly varied!

Is Big Data a threat to privacy?

The Big Data that we all generate daily contains a lot of personal information. Much of this information really needs to be kept private. Can you trust the organisation, which is keeping your personal data? Is it stored safely enough? These are just a few challenges, which are associated with Big Data. Organisations around the world are finding new ways and innovations to answer these questions.

Big Data and the FUTURE

Big Data has taken the world by storm but what about the future? The data volume will grow, every single second and so will improve the ways of analysing and using it. BIG DATA is here to stay.

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