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Having a car in this era, goes from being a fashion to a necessity, because when you buy one, it gives us many transport facilities, it allows us to arrive directly and because in a certain way it gives us independence. You will do  everything in your time and that is something that certainly gives anyone happiness but for all that you must have car insurance.

Now, to have a car, not only money is needed to acquire it, no, a car implies many other responsibilities that go beyond choosing a model or a color, such as, for example, performing their respective maintenance, services and of course, the purchase of car insurance, which allows us to be protected when it comes to any situation that may arise on the road or in life.

Benefits of having car insurance

car insurance

While it is true, all insurers handle policies for cars, but it is also necessary to clarify that they are not very cheap, but they can offer you peace of mind when you realize that you are investing in your safety and that of your family, since buying a Car insurance could help you in the following situations:

  • Protection and protection of the car in case of theft or theft
  • When there is damage to third parties due to accidents
  • When there is damage to your car for different reasons
  • When there are injuries within some of your passengers

In traffic accidents, it is important to have car insurance because it will help you to solve in that serious situation, in a monetary way any damage that your car has suffered or if a third person was involved and was affected by you.

In case of the expense involved, it is not of much concern, since there are policies that are canceled monthly during the year, others that are canceled annually and those divided by small fees, you just need to investigate what is the payment method that suits your income and what that car insurance includes.

If in the accident of any kind you lose the car completely, the insurance you acquired should also protect that asset, so it is important to be clear about the actions that the insurer performs, to avoid inconvenience due to lack of knowledge.

If you have been the victim of theft, the insurance should offer you peace of mind when you need support, since it should cover from the lack of an accessory to the total loss of the car.

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Possible situations in which the car insurance will not take over

The insurers have many benefits, but there are clauses that it is important to know when buying car insurance since there are regulations that if you do not comply, unfortunately, you will not have the support of the car insurance and it is important to know them.

Car insurance will not respond if you go through these situations:

  • A third driver had an accident in his vehicle
  • If you were driving under the influence of alcohol
  • If you got distracted with your cell phone
  • If the vehicle had an imperfect and was not notified to the insurer
  • If the accident was caused by the vehicle owner
  • If the car was driven by a minor
  • If the accident was made due to driver imprudence
  • Due to natural disasters or acts of terrorism

It is important, always keep in mind, that when buying car insurance, you should always read with great caution everything stipulated in the insurance contract, since once you accept the terms and conditions, you are accepting everything written and later could Bring counterproductive consequences for you.

Buying car insurance, you always need several steps, the first, to know within the insurer’s everything related to coverage of each, the amount for which they cover the car, insurance restrictions and anything else that each insurance will consider appropriate according to their Work methodology

Details to be considered when you buy a car insurance

car insurance

When buying car insurance, doing the corresponding research, you can choose the best one according to your type of income and lifestyle, so these tips will help you a lot when choosing the car insurance you need :

If your vehicle is new

There is no big problem of insuring a new vehicle, since it does not have any antecedents and the same car has a guarantee that must be used first then the insurance itself.

If the car is used

Most insurances will ask you to review the place where they handle the alliance, plus the evaluation of an expert, to formally make the diagnosis of the car at the time of securing it, and if you have some, the insurance will not be responsible for the damages that may cause that or the different failures that the vehicle possesses before insuring it.

The cheap is expensive

It is understandable that there is not always great economic liquidity, but you must take into account that the cheaper the car insurance, the less it will cover, and the more expensive the insurance, it will cover more situations or events of the car.

Know the insurance well

It is important to personally assess the insurer, if the reputation is the best, if you have met customers satisfied with their services, because it can happen, that we believe that insurance is wonderful by name, and when acting, they leave you in complete disagreement; Therefore, make sure that you are in good hands, what are the coverages they do, why not and under what circumstances they will be able to assist you, if they give you the confidence you need, then you can buy the car insurance they offer.

You don’t choose the price, but you can choose

The policies have prices, the difference for the person to opt for the car insurance that suits their social status, age, monetary solvency, type of car that will insure, among other things, but without a doubt, there will always be an amount and insurance suitable for anyone.

Make sure that it is a good investments

You do nothing by insuring the car for a low amount, if the real price of the car is higher, since that way, you are not making a good investment, on the contrary, you are decapitalizing the product.

If you are going to insure the car for a price, try to be at least the real value of the or for more, otherwise, you will not be able to recover the investment you made when you bought it.

Read the small letters

Sounds repetitive, we know, but it is that many situations arise, when at the time of signing the contract, you do not pay attention to the restrictions of the contract, then when you go through the event you do not expect, the insurance will indicate that It does not cover it and that is in the contract, because then you go to legal terms where you will lose your money and time because you did not read the small letters, take your time, so you will be sure what awaits you with the company.

If you travel often, you should also be sure

This is something very important, if you like to travel, and you bought the car for that, the car insurance should inform you if they have any kind of coverage at national or international level, and if you need a different process or if when you cancel your contract it already includes it, in this way you will be making a great investment, and your family and you will be completely confident at all times.

It is important to clarify this because, if an important business event occurs with a car or family trip, many insurances may not respond because the accident occurs outside the jurisdictions they handle, so it is better to eliminate doubts before trusting you plus.

When you decide to buy car insurance, you are putting your future in the hands of a company that promised to take care of you, of course, provided that both parties respect the agreements, but the purpose of insurance will always be to respond to any inconvenience or event that arise during the year you chose them.

Demands of both parties

It has happened and will continue to happen, whether by an unhappy customer, who has gone through negligence on the part of the auto insurance, or the insurance company that has discovered some kind of insurance fraud and wants to be compensated for damages, any situation in which the company has felt vulnerable.

Just as there is labor negligence on the part of the company, in which it does not comply with the contract or it turned out that at the time of the incident they ignored the client’s call, the latter can subsequently take legal action against the company in which He has not had an answer when he needed it, in this case, the lawyer is the one who takes control of the negotiations so as not to reach judicial terms, where the company could undoubtedly be affected.

When the opposite happens, that it is the company that discovers that there was a fraud on the part of the client, this does not choose to make calls to chapters with the client, no, generally the company acts directly with the specialists of the law and that is when they proceed in a judicial manner, in which always, the client loses for having omitted or incurred an important detail when insuring the vehicle.

Clear accounts always

It is necessary to be clear that the car insurance is to help you, but also to protect yourself, that is why, whatever the reason you need the insurance, the company will carry out corresponding and exhaustive evaluations to get to the truth of the accident, because in that process, if they discover any failure on the part of the client, they will give up covering the accident, as well as the opposite may happen, that the client really is a victim of the event he is going through and the insurance, as it should be, complies with everything it offers in the contract.

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What you should not hide from car insurance?

car insurance

It is easy to know that a person always fights for their interests, but not only in car insurance occurs, but also in life insurance, the client decides to silence details to avoid not being covered, but by incurring fraud, the company cancels complete the contract and finally you will find yourself in the situation of looking for another company, to avoid lack of knowledge or information, you should understand that this type of information should not be hidden from car insurance:

If you suffer from any condition

The insurance does not care if you suffer from dental or hair pain, but it does matter if you suffer from any condition that could affect your driving stability at any time, or that caused you an attack that could cause an accident

If the vehicle has been used for criminal acts

It is important, be honest and inform if the car has been involved in any illegal situation, because the company could be affected in legal terms and it is not correct to hide this important detail.

If the car will be driven by a third person

If you are the owner of the insurance, but the car belongs to another person or will be driven by another person, you must ensure that there is some extension of the insurance if possible, because if at the time of the event, you drive A person who is not the owner of the insurance, the company is not responsible for the accident.

If the car has been fixed on different occasions for the same fault

When a car goes through an arrangement, it has been recurrent in the fault and could be an important factor at the time of the accident, if it is not notified in time and the insurance discovers that you hid information, not only does the insurance not cover the event, but you lose the contract for fraud, and that’s when you won’t be able to do anything to solve it.


Finally, always having car insurance will give you peace of mind, and it is one of the steps that a person who has a sense of responsibility will take, who knows how to value their assets and who knows that everything is not always perfect, that accidents exist and nobody You can know them in advance.

The best thing is always word of mouth advertising, if an insurance company handles a lot of good reviews, you are hiring a good insurance, if, on the contrary, you know that they speak very badly about that insurer, and still you decide to trust them with your goods, you cannot expect great results.

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