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Civil responsibilities must be fulfilled by all resident citizens of the United States, for this reason, it is essential to purchasing cheap car insurance for greater security of citizens when they move from one side to another in their vehicles, know what the insurance of Cheaper cars on the market are only possible in this article.

As a first step, it is necessary to describe what car insurance is and what the purpose of this is. Car insurance is obtained with the purpose of repairing and compensating the damages that could be suffered to third parties and to the insured vehicle generated by unexpected accidents, the main objective of vehicle insurance is to comply with civil liability when third parties are involved in accidents vehicular

On the other hand, in the US, all vehicle owners must obtain insurance for each vehicle they own in their name, this type of insurance is mandatory, as it is a guarantee for the well-being of those who buy it, as well as for third parties that are found on the different highways of any city or state within the country.

Vehicle insurance consists of several additional complements to basic civil liability, it is a matter of each citizen to obtain insurance with additional benefits to the mandatory established by the different laws proposed in each state of the US territory, some complements of these insurance are:

– Coverage for theft of the insured vehicle.

– Personal accidents for the occupants of the assaulted vehicle.

– Replacement of the insured vehicle.

– Fire coverage of the insured vehicle.

The best way to get cheap car insurance for vehicles when living in a country as demanding as the United States is by looking at the multiple options that national insurers offer to obtain good vehicle insurance without investing a lot of budgets, or doing large paperwork.

Reasons why cheap car insurance Should Be Obtained

Avoiding the purchase of auto insurance is putting at risk the life of a human being and that of his family, especially in developed countries such as the United States, where the way of driving and large traffic due to urbanization Different states have led to a very aggressive driving in this country, putting at risk the physical condition of the vehicle and the integrity of people inside and outside it.

When a vehicle insurance policy is purchased in addition to legal obligations, the necessary security of being protected on any trip or route traveled is also guaranteed. To obtain a good vehicle insurance offer it is important to maintain a balance between the desired coverage and the annual price or premiums adjusted to the budget allocated.

Vehicle insurance prevents its buyers by guaranteeing the guarantee of coverage of vehicle accidents such as crashes. Some insurers even have the guarantee of replacing vehicles when they suffer irreparable damage, for these reasons civil liability insurance should be seen as a guarantee and not as an obligation.

The main reason for obtaining vehicle insurance is the peace of mind of driving on the streets normally without being afraid of unexpected accidents or worse, of losing the car due to theft. Know the main insurance companies in the US to choose the best car insurance that is economical.

The best insurance companies in the US to buy cheap car insurance

For the benefit of intellectual viewers who use internet reading to document the types of vehicle insurance offered by economic insurers; but reliable within the US you can name the following companies.

1.USA Group

After many surveys conducted by different famous companies, this company is among the first in insurance companies ideal to buy cheap vehicle insurance. This company was founded in 1922 in San Antonio Texas by a group of 25 army officers with the purpose of insuring the vehicles of others.

This company is one of the most economical in car insurance because of this it made a careful study throughout the country comparing the rates of the top 10 insurers in the US, taking into account that not all insurers operate in the same state, thus giving a fair rate to all drivers interested in obtaining a car insurance policy.

To further explain the study that allowed USA Group to be one of the companies with the lowest prices in the insurance market today, especially in car insurance policies, the steps used are described in the form by this company and the survey company Quadrant Information Services to get a fair price.

– 25.35 and 60-year-old drivers were used for the study.

– The vehicles were varied and the mileage used ranges between 6000 and 12000 km.

– 3 levels of vehicle coverage were used with 3 credit levels (good, fair and poor).

Once this survey was completed, this company obtained first place because it had the cheapest insurance based on the need of the buyers of vehicle insurance. The best thing about this company is that it has had an acceptance of more than 70% of its customers, who have been satisfied with the coverage service provided.

The average cost of this organization is $ 895, of course considering that this payment may vary depending on several factors, such as the amount of coverage you choose to buy, the driver’s age, driver’s location and driving history.

2.American Family Insurance

This insurance company was born in 1927, by the famous businessman Herman Witttwer. This company’s car insurance is mainly focused on guaranteeing its buyers the reduction of unfortunate risks while driving their car.

This company has shown significant growth during its creation, of course, that this success is mainly due to the responsible manner as it has responded to its vehicle insurance buyers, thus spreading through several states of the United States.

Only in 2017 is recognized insurer celebrating its 90 years of experience with the positioning of the number nine company in vehicle insurance sales. This company also has 10,000 employees and 3,000 agents deployed in 19 states, which generates around $ 9 million in annual revenue.

The principles of services of this company are mainly focused on helping citizens to obtain low-cost insurance with vehicle coverage that provides answers to the needs of each driver, taking as a first pillar the welfare of these.

This company has also been qualified by means of a market study of the company Us News, throwing positive data mainly in the streamlining of documents to generate claims, customer service and the resolution of such claims in record times, resulting in the company having a Number 9 in cheap car insurance.

Although polling companies use random data to present results based on the opinions of a certain number of pollsters, these results are quite feasible because the data is based on satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the different customers surveyed, thus throwing relevant results according to the opinion of each of the people involved.

The minimum cost in the vehicle policies of this company is $ 1326, of course, there are cheaper companies than these; but we must take into account the responsiveness of American Family, which has shown an important level of prestige when responding to its insured.


This company has a long experience in the provision of vehicle insurance since it has been in the insurance policy business since 1936; this company was born in Texas by the hand of its creators Leo and Lillian Goodwin. The original purpose of this company was to provide services to federal and military employees at fair prices.

Once GEICO was created, it has been carrying out significant growth over the years; in general, readers tend to be interested in the trajectories of insurers in order to have a broad knowledge of the steps that the company in question has gone through. get to the present as an impeccable company.

In 1956 the young student Warren Buffet invested in the company thus having a part of the shares of this, of course this investment did not end there, because 40 years later Buffet becomes the absolute owner of GEICO by buying 100% of the actions, this has generated since then that this company has an important growth.

In accordance with the issue thanks to the tireless work of Warren Buffet in 1964, this company managed to sell one million insurance policies. This achieved that in future plans the company would be spread throughout the territory. In 2000 GEICO managed to debut as a leading company in the sale of vehicle insurance adjusted to fair prices.

The main mottos of the GEICO Company are the saving of vehicle policies in figures of more than 15%, thanks to this it is positioned as the number two company in cheap insurance and also easy to obtain. This company is available in 50 states of the US territory and is currently the second-largest company in the US.

The rates of GEICO’s vehicle policies have an estimated cost of $ 1,063.10, which although it is a little above that of the USA Group, it has better payments when it comes to unexpected events, of course, as with all Insurance companies These rates vary according to the condition of each person.

4. The Travelers

In 1897 this company issued its first automobile policy, however, it had been in the market for more than 30 years; What generally makes this company is among the first places of auto insurance services in the trajectory that exceeds a century of creation.

In 1919, he managed to position aircraft insurance on the market, which was a novelty for the time. Also speaking of 1864 vehicle insurance would have created the first insurance with coverage of damages caused by accidents of any kind, for these reasons this company undoubtedly not only has one of the cheapest rates of the vehicle policy market but has marked a before and after in civil liability insurance.

At present it has about 30,000 employees and about 13500 independent agents paid on piecework, operating in several countries in which they can name: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil and others that lead in the list of the page of this company, being one of the largest insurance providers worldwide.

Us News conducted a randomized survey of more than 2000 people who have bought insurance in this company asking about the response of this to the claims generated, showing that they mostly received a quick and timely response before inconveniences, so in addition to selling cheap vehicle insurance It is also quick response.

The average annual cost of basic vehicle coverage insurance in The Travelers is 1,212 being one of the first 10 most economical US insurance on the market, of course, these prices may vary according to the conditions of each client, these conditions are subject to gender and age of the insured.


When it comes to cheap car insurance, this company leads one of the top 5 positions at the lowest prices in the US market. Before entering the sales amounts of the vehicle insurance of this company, it is good to know a little about the trajectory of this company since its inception.

This company has been part of the vehicle protection of the Americans for almost a century, the creator of this insurance company was George Jacob “GJ” Mercherle, who took his knowledge in this field and put this company on foot. By 1944, this company had already drafted about one million vehicle insurance policies.

This company from the standpoint of status has had good ratings by the different users who have acquired vehicle policies in recent years. The good thing about acquiring insurance from a recognized company is that you have the guarantee that it will comply with what is necessary to stay safe at all times.

The prices in the annual rates of this company range from an estimated $ 1,237.06, which presents variants according to the conditions to which each purchase is subject.

Final Recommendations on Obtaining cheap car insurance

Every person must know in depth the record or trajectory of the insurance company where they will buy their civil liability policy, to avoid that these companies do not have sufficient capacity to respond in time to any eventuality presented during the insured year.

The main thing about this content was to guide insurance buyers about where to buy cheap car insurance, but of course, the US market is very wide in terms of insurance companies, so you can choose any other viable option.

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