Best Pet Insurance Policy Options for Dogs

It’s the loyalty which makes the dogs their best friends and now they are treated like just another family member. They require care, pampering and even the medical care and when it comes to medical expenses. It can range similar to the human visit to the doctor. The pet doctor visit includes the wellness visit, immunization and the emergency assistance in case of injury or illness. The regular visit hurt the most which you can avoid through having a pet insurance policy. Here, we suggesting the two Best Pet Insurance Policy Options for Dogs.

What is a Pet Insurance Policy?

The Pet insurance policy covers the variety of illness and accidental injury which helps in mitigating the burden of financial expenses. In the case of dogs, the pet insurance policy provides a wellness plan for preventative and immunization care, regular checkup from a veterinarian and even offers surgical discounts. Additionally, pet insurance policies also offers insurance against the damage to the third person due to pet actions i.e. in case your dog bites another person. Then, you can claim the amount in relation to the damaged incurred by the third period for medical care.

Two Best pet insurance policy options for Dogs

1. Figo: Life Saving Care

Figo Pet insurance offers the best comprehensive pet plan for the dogs. They offer free choice to the owner for visiting any licensed veterinarian for the treatment. However, there is a waiting period attached to the Figo pet insurance policy. As you enrolled for the accident, there are 5- days waiting period after the complete process of enrollment. While there is a 14 days period of waiting for illness. Although, one can avoid the waiting period if they took their pet or dog for testing within the 30 days period of the window.

Best Pet Insurance Policy Options for Dogs

In this checkup, if your dog found to be fit and healthy with no pre-existing, the waiting period will be waived off. The Figo offers three plans which are ‘Essential’ with a limit of $10,000; ‘Preferred’ with a limit of $14,000 and Ultimate plan offers unlimited insurance coverage while its premium customized on the basis of dogs breed, age and past medical history.  

2. Healthy Paws: Unlimited lifetime Coverage

Healthy Paws is regarded as one of most suited Pet insurance which covers a variety of illness such as cancer care, congenital conditions, emergency and speciality car. The company has only one plan which is Unlimited Lifetime option which unlimited benefits after the deductibles payments.

Best Pet Insurance Policy Options for Dogs

In terms of claim payout, the company offers a mobile application to the customer for submitted medical documents. The claim is usually paid within 3-10 business days depending upon the conditions. The only exclusion from the policy is pre-existing conditions. The Healthy paws achieved the A+ grade rating from the A.M. Best rating agency.


Hence, as we mentioned about the Two Best pet insurance policy options for Dogs which is from Figo and Healthy Paws. While, there can be other options such as in terms of price Embrace, for extra expenses- the PetPlan. It is totally up to the owner to look into details before investing in Pet insurance.

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