Best Health Insurance Plans For Critical Illness Covers

Having a health cover for a critical illness is a significant necessity for patients with deteriorating health status. However, this cover would become useless if a proper health insurance plan does not accompany it. The reason is that with a health insurance plan, it is easy for the critical illness cover to assist you without any challenges. Sadly, finding a good insurance health plan is not an easy task. Championed by this fact, this educative piece goes an extra mile to make your work easier through availing your with several health insurance plans for critical illness covers.

1.     Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan

For some health insurance plans, you cannot get treated by other physicians without the approval or referral of your primary care physician. For a person with a critical illness cover, this might be a shortcoming because the cover affirms that you are at risk of critical ailments. Since your PCP cannot be there always to offer approval, it is necessary to consider the PPO plan. The reason is that it allows one to become attended to by another specialist without your PCP approval. Also, the plan will enable patients to obtain out-of-network care though this can become relatively costly,

2.     Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plan

Persons who obtain critical illness cover indeed have a frequent critical illness such as heart attacks and cancer. The natures of these illnesses in matters finance usually are expensive. As a result, it becomes better for the patient to opt for the HMO plan. The reason is that this plan, apart from having low premiums, is also free from deductibles. Similar to the PPO plan, the patient also has the freedom of selecting a preferred doctor in time of need. What is more exciting is the fact that this plan offers all these benefits without compromising on quality which is a huge plus.

3.     High deductible Health Plans (HDHP)

Yes, you got that right. The high deductible health plan, as the same suggests involves high-cost deductions. However, this should not come as a worry to you. The reason is that health insurance firms can control these health costs. Moreover, the fact that this health insurance plan ranks among the second most popular plan means that it is an effective plan. Therefore, you would want to consider it, especially if you have good health insurance cover as it will help in the high costs.


The three listed insurance plans are indeed the best insurance plans for critical illness covers. However, there are other good plans that one may consider in case you want to review more options. You will nonetheless want to consider several factors before settling on a health insurance plan for critical illness covers. The first one is on cost. Here all you need is to understand the premium rates, co-payments, and possible discounts or deductibles. The other aspect you should keep in mind while choosing a health insurance cover for critical illness cover is the freedom the plan offers you.

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