Best health insurance for self-employed 2018

Health insurance for the self-employed is a backup to protect people from unexpected illnesses and events, so it is necessary that before choosing an insurance house to obtain such a policy, it is known what these insurances consist of and what the benefits that can be obtained are.

Unlike health insurance for companies, this type of insurance is mainly focused on the health of a person, that is, those independent workers who want to secure their future by obtaining coverage policies for any unfortunate event that compromises their health.

Like another type of insurance, health insurance for self employed offers different coverage adapting to each need of the applicant, finding the best health insurance for self employed  depends directly on what the applicant requires to have an insurance policy. Of course, the best way to choose ideal insurance is to know the different coverage that can be found in insurance houses.

In general, insurance for self employed is requested by independent professionals of any branch, who do not belong to any common company and whose income depends directly on their personal effort, that is, any independent worker who works under their own means must acquire insurance for self-employed with the purpose of preparing for the future of his own and his family.

On the other hand, employers also frequently seek to obtain this kind of insurance; But there are many regulations and laws within the US that make it difficult to obtain this kind of insurance. Due to the lack of security in many of the large contracting companies, independent contractors try to acquire additional insurance for their own protection.

Basic Coverage that all health insurance for self employed must-have

In general, there is no specific classification of the types of insurance that can be found to support the health of independent workers; however, based on information from different insurers, the basic coverage that can be covered in this type of insurance can be broken down.

Basic health coverage must mainly guarantee the future income of an independent trainer if he suffers from a temporary illness or permanent disability that prevents the development of normal activities. The basic coverage that insurance must obtain are:

  1. Temporary Disability covers the payment of fees due to accident or illness for a period of time determined by a medical specialist.
  2. Hospitalization, the expenses of private clinics are sometimes covered by an illness or an unexpected accident.
  3. Health and Wellness consultations, in this case, the insurance will cover a part of the expenses of preventive check consultations.

When policies adapted to independent workers are sought, what is really wanted is that if there were any inconvenience in the development of normal activities, the family of the independent worker will not be left homeless and the income of this worker will be maintained.

There are some organizations that were born with the purpose of providing protection to independent workers who have facilitated the procedures for obtaining insurance for self-employed. No insurance is expensive when it comes to the protection of finances and the family nucleus, so it is not necessary to see these insurances from the obligatory point of view, but rather as positive support.

Starting from the basic coverage that every insurance should have, it is good to know each of the houses that offer health insurance in the US that have great benefits when it comes to self employed  or independent workers who want to support their health at all times.

Reasons to acquire health insurance for self-employed

The main reason for obtaining insurance for self employed is that every human being needs to feel supported by a helping hand and this type of insurance policy acts in this way. Finding good coverage within the United States merits a meticulous search by the different insurance organizations providing this service.

Another important reason why you should obtain insurance for self-employed when working independently is that it guarantees the health of these workers by partially or completely covering the medical expenses of this and your family when a medical intervention of routine or urgently for unexpected events.

The good thing about insurance policies in the US is that fortunately, they are reliable because each state has its own laws that ensure the timely compliance of the buyers of these and other insurance policies. Given the security of compliance with these insurance policies, obtaining them as a guarantee of response is another feasible reason for obtaining them.

Some insurance companies have policies for short-term self employed , which although lower are a timely solution if you are outside the enrollment periods established by some insurance companies, however, the idea is to get a policy that fully responds to each need that the freelancer may have.

There are innumerable reasons why insurance policies for self employed are necessary, but if you want to summarize in two main objectives, one can be seen as a solution to finance in the case of the runoff of something abnormal to the usual and another it is the protection of health if any problem arises.

Main Insurers to Obtain Reliable Autonomous Insurance

1.National Association of Autonomous Health insurance

This organization is aimed at providing protection to independent workers by offering daily support, the benefits obtained in this organization is to contribute as a saving source for the future of workers who work on piecework and who in the future may not opt ​​for insurance within a company for its work in the provision of services.

The rates of this organization vary according to the type of person who requests it, in the case of being a student the monthly fee has a cost of $ 25, while for general members the amount is $ 120. Of course, depending on the premiums that each person adhering to this organization needs, the amount of the policy may vary.

On the other hand, independent business owners can also save in this organization by investing money in nationally renowned stores such as Office Depot, Quincboooks and other companies that offer the opportunity for independent workers to obtain benefits by properly investing their money.

This organization allows the independent worker to have a fund to be used in the health area when needed and also has a life insurance policy to ensure the future of the family in the event that the fundamental pillar of household support is missing.

2.State market Health insurance

This market operates freely every independent worker can register on their own, within this market, there are different coverage in the health area. Premiums in this market have affordable prices in accordance with the income of each worker, and you also have the possibility to save for the future.

Health insurance in this market corresponds to a policy that allows you to obtain free care through clinics proposed by them based solely on the income of each worker. Applying for it is easy, only certain requirements are met and you can opt for this kind of insurance and best of all, at any time of the year you can fill out the application for this type of insurance.

3.National Association of Insurers Health insurance

Within the United States, there are more than 100,000 agents working for this association that are responsible for providing each independent worker with policies adaptable to the needs of each. This association has many health plans that are perfect for those workers who work independently, but your income is not enough to opt for private health insurance.

There are other additional benefits within this association, which are future savings plans such as commercial and marketing tools as well as training that allow independent workers to apply new knowledge to their clients and generate better income and, in turn, prepare by saving for the future.

4.Private insurance

They are for independent workers with relatively high incomes that allow them to obtain policies and premiums that fully cover their health needs. This is because private health plans have better benefits for those independent people who need to use them more frequently.

Although private insurance requires greater efforts from a cost point of view, they also have excellent health coverage. Within the US there are many private organizations that give the opportunity to buy good and affordable insurance, giving yourself the opportunity to know some private insurance is something worth considering.

4.1 Private Insurance with the Best Health Plans for Autonomous 2018.

4.1.1 Health Savings Account (SHA)

A health savings account is a private alternative to cover future health expenses. These types of accounts have openings in SHA and the objective of these is to earn interest for as long as the money remains in the account. In general, these accounts can save 20% on all medical expenses.

The only disadvantage of this type of plan is that the money saved in these accounts can only be used for medical expenses, but of course, the money saved for medical expenses will remain there accumulating interest that will be used for medical purposes. , before opting for this type of private insurance it is necessary to consult concerns with the agents of this company.

4.1.2 eHealth insurance

This insurance has a monthly value of approximately $ 198, the insurance plans of this company vary by state as well as the objectives of this company, usually, when buying high-risk policies prices are usually higher. This private insurance has several incidents subject to the conditions of each person.

The plans of this company can be found in more detail within its website and although it is not an own insurers site if it facilitates the comparison between several insurers in order to obtain the best options when choosing private insurance.

4.1.3 Ministry of shared medical care

Some people have doubts about this kind of services because of the failures that the government could have for public attention, however, this private tool serves as a means of channeling to access a shared table were paying a monthly premium can help finance own medical expenses and other members.

Companies such as Liberty Health share have economic rates of annual payments for a price of $ 135 plus an additional amount of $ 299 for those whose status is single people who are between 30-64 years old. The aforementioned company has better rates than others in the health market for self employed .

4.1.4 AXA Global HealthCare

In this private company, the ideals that remain are to offer health to independent workers, even with international coverage. They have many plans for medical services for self employed , where ensuring security is their first pillar, among the options for self employed  health plans, are:

  • Standard
  • Foundation
  • Full
  • Prestige
  • Prestige plus.

Each of these coverage has a different rate, but in general, the prices may vary, although it is not worth describing this company as an option within the United States for people residing in this country because in general, these plans are focused on people that come outside the US territory.

Final Tips Every Independent Worker Must Know Before Acquiring Private Health Insurance.

Every independent worker can look for alternative solutions to guarantee their health at all times, such as those described at the beginning of this informative article. Not all independent workers have the same capacity to cancel health insurance, so the best health insurance is those adapted to their own needs.

The family’s food and service expenses should be the first thing to consider before knowing which organization to join for health benefits. Due to your own sanity, you should not look for insurance houses that exceed the budget required to cover this kind of medical expenses.

Health savings accounts are a great advantage to reduce the important expenses used in the total cost of health. Being a very developed country in every way, the US always offers new alternatives to access health even for free when new mobile applications are used where you can instantly have online consultations with medical specialists in all areas.

Thanks to technologies, it is becoming easier to guarantee one’s own health and the people you love, but the most important thing is that each person who works independently prepares a future budget to pay for any health expenditure.

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