Best car insurance companies for new drivers over 25

Statistics show that 25 and above is the age where most young people purchase cars hence become new drivers in the market. One common thing about new drivers is that they are prone to accidents. The reason is that they do not have enough experience on the wheels.  As a result of this risk, new drivers over 25 need to get hold of the best car insurance companies. While this might be challenging, this article will help you by availing you with three best auto insurance companies and the factors that you need to consider when selecting an auto insurance firm.

Top Three Car Insurance Companies for New Drivers Over 25

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Insurance. (PRNewsFoto/Liberty Mutual) (PRNewsFoto/)

1.     Liberty mutual

The first consideration on our list is the liberty Mutual. It is known for best customer service providence. In 2012, it even became ranked by J.D as the second for customer satisfaction. The main reason why it is the best car insurance cover for new drivers over 25 is that it has an accident forgiveness policy. Here, your rates are not at risk of hiking once you engage in an accident. Since new drivers over 25 are likely to engage in accidents, don’t you liberty mutual is one of the best car insurance to consider?

2.     GEICO


New drivers over 25 will opt for cars with various safety devices. For instance, most will go for vehicles fitted with anti-lock brakes, airbags, daytime running lights, and anti-theft. With GEICO insurance company, you get discounts for having cars with these safety gears. The company also offers low insurance rates which are a plus for any young adult just starting on driving and car insurance.

3.     State Farms

Knowing well that they are not gurus on the wheels, new drivers over 25 years are bound to go careful on the road. With a clean record of driving which new drivers have, State Farm offers fabulous discounts. Based on this, the car insurance firm also becomes part of this list.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Auto Insurance for New Drivers over 25

  1. Coverage

You do not want car insurance that has limited insurance coverage or that whose coverage does not suit your needs. There it is better to settle for an auto insurance company that has full auto coverage for new drivers over 25. Influencing this is the idea that you are new in the industry.

  1. Premium Rates

Although this depends on your financial capability, an auto insurance company with low premium rates is what is considered the best. You are still young and probably just landed your first job. Therefore, a relatively affordable premium rate is what you need.

  1. Discounts

Along with coverage and affordable premium rates, as a new driver over 25, you need an insurance company that offers you with a surplus of significant discounts. The reason is that this will help you save up and still manage to get your car enjoying the best auto insurance services.

The rule of the thumb when you are a new river is to use common sense. Make sure that you get an insurance that best covers you at a reasonable cost. Don’t let insurance sales people bully you into a plan that does put your interest fast.

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