Best 4 Restaurants You Should Visit While Jaipur Sightseeing Tour

Jaipur is experiencing a proliferation of cafes and restaurants with new ones opening every week or two over the past few years. Even though I try to explore new cafes frequently, I find very few worth visiting. In most cases, this is a “failed experiment”. Newbies tend to focus a lot more on décor and ambiance, but fail in hospitality or delivering good food on a consistent basis. Invariably, I fall back on the tried and true restaurants of Jaipur. Often people contact me for suggestions on the best restaurants in Jaipur to visit. We all need good food while traveling anywhere. These 4 restaurants are best for having great food while you are on a Jaipur sightseeing tour package.

This blog on the best places to visit in Jaipur to have great food is collated from my multiple visits. Here is the best 4 restaurants you should visit while Jaipur sightseeing tour.

  1. Zolocrust at Hotel Clarks Abmer
  2. Jaipur Adda
  3. Shikaar Bagh
  4. Bar Palladio

Best Restaurants in Jaipur to Visit

Zolocrust at Hotel Clarks Amer

Zolocrust has formed a place client base for itself and is in a special league when it comes to delicious foodstuff. Although it is expensive, it continues to attract foodies; the quality and taste of the food is exceptional.

24-Hour Cafe

It’s a 24 hour cafe which means you can just walk around any time of the day. With dark interiors devoid of crowds, it’s a great place to dine with the people you’ve chosen.

Self-Serve Outlet

Zolocrust is a self-service point of sale. Zolocrust customers swear by its super crispy thin pizzas. Some even consider it the most delicious pizza in Jaipur. The chocolate shakes are on par with the best in Belgium.

What to try at Zolocrust?

  • Bagel, Mexicana pizza,
  • The Roasted Veggie Pizza,
  • Yasai Yaki Udon Noodles,
  • Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Shakes,
  • Gianduja Chocolate Marquise many more.

Jaipur Adda

Jaipur Adda takes a fresh look at the concept initially proposed by Farzi Cafe – molecular gastronomy and has associated it with fusion cuisine.

Enjoy Drinks & Not Just Beer at Roof Top

Despite the cramped area on the roof, it is still very crowded. Unlike other restaurants and cafes, it offers a variety of drink options and not just beer. Plus, it offers a few quirky cuisines like Parle G Cheesecake with Rabri! On the other hand, with little space and cramped seats, there is no privacy!

What to try at Jaipur Adda?

  • Naan Pizza
  • Chai
  • Hot Coffee

Shikaar Bagh

Although he does not have a constant food experience during the visits, Shikaar Bagh has a high rate among the young people. The reason? It offers a great atmosphere.

Shikaar Bagh on Weekends?

Shikaar Bagh is packed even during the days of the week, which is a testament to his popularity. The main location in a heritage hotel Jaipur is a grand reason to visit.

Bar Palladio

Of all the restaurants in Jaipur, Bar Palladio continues to wow visitors with its exotic palace-like beautiful blue royal interiors and architecture. It is as renowned as its neighbor – Shikaar Bagh! Personally, I find its outside seats uncomfortable and the menu choice is limited. On an optimistic note, this is a must-see romantic spot for couples in Jaipur.

Excellent Choice of Mocktails and Juices

It offers an excellent choice of mocktails and juices apart from the usual alcoholic drinks. Even though many of his customers recommend the Tiramisu, I did not find it worthy enough.

Bar Palladio Food

Overall the food is average at Bar Palladio. So why did I include Bar Palladio on this list? It’s a great vibe that goes well with the drinks.

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