Google Chrome for Android Will Now Automatically Save Articles for Offline Viewing

Google Chrome has been updating its features from time to time, and currently, the company just announced another new offer that will genuinely excite its users. Google Chrome for Android already has the ability to save content for offline reading.

The browser can now automatically download relevant content as soon as it is connected to an unmetered Wi-Fi network. The relevance of the articles will be based on your browsing history as well as trending content in your location. You will receive a notification to let you know that the download is in progress. Once the articles were downloaded successfully, they will be ready for access even when you don’t have a connection.

This new feature is available to the latest version of Chrome for Android. Early this month, the company released Chrome 67 for Android with a horizontal tab switcher. This version offers new virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) APIs, including Generic Sensor API and WebXR Device API. These systems bring Web-based VR and AR experiences to various mobile devices.

This new feature is available to many locations such as Brazil, Nigeria, India, and 100 other countries worldwide. It is convenient for millions of users because they can already surf the Web even without constant internet connection.

Once you are signed in to your Chrome account, you will receive a notification that the content is related to the popular articles on your location. Then, after that prompt, the new feature will instantly download the articles based on your browsing history. Then, you can access them by going to the Downloads section of your mobile device. You only need to tap the three-dot button located at the upper-right portion of Google’s screen, and then, select the Downloads option.

It was in December 2016 when the Chrome for Android users initially received this feature. However, they have to initiate the download so they can select whatever articles they would like to read offline. At that time, they already have the ability to download music, videos, and even web pages.

Chrome has also improved the Download option by expanding the capacity of the music files. This expansion also allows users to download large videos. One thing that will surely please everyone is that the download progress will automatically pause when it experiences intermittent connection, but will resume as soon as it becomes stable.

In addition to this latest update, Chrome’s Data Saver feature will also give the users access to the downloaded content across the web, making sure that the quality will not be affected. It is even a significant advantage to Chrome users because they can save more data over slow connections.

Thankfully, Chrome developers have innovative ideas on how to deliver their service and make it more accessible to millions of users who rely on Google day by day. These improvements are just a few of the features we would love, and we can’t wait to see more in the near future.


YouTube Will Help Creators Make Money with More Than Just Ads

Just like any other social platforms we commonly use nowadays, YouTube has been improving its features to entice its users. This Google-owned company announced that they would provide two more features that will help video creators make more money from their channels.

Video creators can now sell merchandise alongside their videos, and they will already have the ability to sell paid memberships. These offers are good news for entrepreneurs who aren’t advertising but aim to have additional revenue.

We are aware that merchandising is available to many beta testers but has not been widely accessible to most sellers. Now, it will already be open to any US-based channel that has at least 10,000 subscribers. This feature is made possible through a partnership with an e-commerce platform, Teespring. Video owners can now sell a wide variety of products.

One good thing that merchandisers will like about this feature is YouTube won’t take out anything from their revenue. However, TeeSpring requires a flat fee for every product sold. Despite this fact, YouTube still believes that it can be a lucrative opportunity for its video owners. One YouTuber and beta-tester, Joshua Slice, was able to pull $1 million in just 18 days.

Furthermore, YouTube provides the feature where video owners can sell paid memberships to their channels. This offer is available for everyone who has at least 100,000 subscribers. The Channel Memberships allows the subscribers to pay $4.99 per month for the extra perks.

The perks will vary to the creator. It could also include customized emoji and badges, video shout-outs, and exclusive access to videos and other live streams. Before the company launched these offerings, YouTube has been testing this merchandising and membership features with a small group. But currently, the company is planning to make it available widely in the coming months.

Lastly, YouTube would also like to offer another feature which they call Premiers. It will let the channel owners build up hype for their pre-recorded videos just like what is others are doing in the live streams. This feature will allow the Youtubers to opt to schedule their pre-recorded video like what we can do for live streams.

Scheduling the videos in the premiere will direct the viewers to the landing page. They can join the video real-time and participate in the chat. These features offered by YouTube creates an additional revenue opportunity to video creators. It just tells us that the company wants to help YouTube users gain more money than just using the platform for entertainment purposes. Though these features are only available to users who have at least 100,000 subscribers, it is still a significant advantage for some.

Video creators will have to extend more efforts to reach the threshold so they can break this challenge. But right after they become eligible, they can also obtain the benefits that these features can offer. These new features provided by the company prove that YouTube can even stand out from the competition.

The IT Factor: Time for a New Router?

The slow internet can be very frustrating to deal with. No matter we hate it, we must admit that internet is already the part of the lives of many. It is very common for people who rely on the use of the internet to perform their jobs. Several factors can cause the problem with Wi-Fi. One of the reasons could be your router, and there are easy ways to identify if the issue is coming from it.

Conduct a speed test to check your internet speed. You may go to or other sites that offer the service that will help you identify the status of your internet speed. The average speed you should be close to your internet services provider’s proposed rate. If you’re getting lower than that, then the problem is not coming from your ISP.

Too many devices connected to the internet could also be the reason for the slow connection. Each gadget consumes a bandwidth, so you must also consider checking the amount of speed you need to run these gadgets. You can contact your internet provider to request for a speed boost so the internet can accommodate the numbers of devices you have at home.

Most modems do not only produce a Wi-Fi connection. You may also connect through a hardwired or Ethernet cord. It is possible that the speed can be faster when your computer is plugged directly to the modem. Then, conduct a speed test to check the performance of your internet. If you see that there is an increase in the speed that you are getting, it is possible that the problem is coming from your wireless router.

After you have identified the slow connection is caused by the wireless router, you can still do something to fix it before deciding to buy a new one. A reboot may help solve your Wi-Fi issue. Just unplug the router and wait for about 30 seconds and plug it back in.

If you live in a densely populated area, it is possible that your neighborhood might have set their routers to the same channel. Try to switch the channel of your wireless router to boost the speed of your Wi-Fi. Check its performance if it becomes better.

You also need to make sure that you have set a secure password to protect your network against unauthorized users. It is also helpful to relocate your router to other places in your home. Move it away from other appliances such as televisions, cordless phone, or microwave. Though these devices do not use internet connection for them to work, they can still impact the speed you are getting.

These troubleshooting techniques can help you determine if the issue comes from the router. It is essential to perform these steps before you purchase a new one. Buying a new router should be the last option if you want to save money and avoid the same headache of having a slow internet connection.

Thursday’s Summer Solstice and the Search for Life in the Galaxy

There are about 25,000 who are expected to go to Stonehenge to witness the Summer Solstice 2018. The sunrise is due to take place at 4:52 am on Thursday, June 22. This phenomenon may be enjoyable to see, but is there an impact of it on the Earth?

Summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and everybody is getting excited about it. The neolithic Wiltshire monument is one of the favorite sites of those people who want to experience the official start of summer. It serves as a ritual for some to visit the place.

At that awaited time, the visitors will watch as the sun rises behind the Steel Stone. It is the entrance to the Stone Circle where the rays of the sunlight shine brightly into the center of the monument. This annual activity has been associated with the Pagan religion, and even other people who have different culture appreciate the celebration.

The summer solstice is a good bonding with friends and families. It is not surprising to have more people come to the place. The team organizing the event can share lifts or ride the public transport to minimize the number of cars all around because it can cause a large volume of CO2 emissions.

Many people treat the trip going to the Stonehenge as a religious pilgrimage. It is the day where the Pagans gather to celebrate Litha, which is a sacred holiday that honors the arrival of midsummer.

The solstice happens because the Earth leans 23.5 degrees on a tilted axis instead of upright. The scientists haven’t figured until now if the slouch made by the Earth has contributions on the different conditions happening around us.

On the summer solstice, the Northern Hemisphere will go toward the sun and dip in direct sunlight for extended hours. That is the time that the sun will rise early and climb up high in the sky. It is expected to set late in the evening due to this condition.

This phenomenon may happen rarely, but it is well-known all over the world. Our planet spins on its axis at an angle of 23.5 degrees. In June, the northern hemisphere is even more exposed to the sunlight than the other days of the year. At this time, the sun reaches the highest point above the horizon.

At noon, the sun will direct over the Tropic of Cancer, which is the latitude line located about 23.5 degrees north of the equator. The solstice dictates the parameters of the movement of the Arctic Circle. In June, the entire circle maintains its sunlight for straight 24 hours.

This condition still makes the scientists wonder, but one thing is for sure. They will continue to study the sun’s and Earth’s behavior while comparing it to the events happening on other planets. We may see that the Earth is more stable than the other planets. However, it is still suffering meteorite impacts and global problems.

Official Near-Earth Object Plan Will Look Into Nuking Asteroids and Other ‘Planetary Defense Missions’

Our planet is a large place where full of objects that influence each other. Currently, there is a new nationwide plan being formulated to detect the objects that may finish many lives in a second. There is a potential for nuclear strikes on the asteroids coming near the Earth and different “planetary defense missions.” This plan implies five targets.

First, improve our capabilities to monitor and detect the near-earth objects, or NEOs. There are initiatives formed like the NEOWise that captures the uncountable quantity of those objects regardless of their dimension or damage to human lives. Therefore, the decision-makers are trying to view recommendations on how to utilize the programs that will catch these objects before they cause any problem.

Second, enhance the information on how these objects can do or may have accomplished by studying them. We need it to make sure that the predictions are sound so everybody can prepare. It should be done not for the reason that we need to learn more, but we must do it to ensure that whatever we detect are reliable.

Third, we need to assess and improve the NEO deflection and disruption science. Doing so allows us to perform effective strategies that will protect us from any killer-planet coming to our path. We can also task NASA and other organizations to design precise planetary defense missions. By thorough flight testing of the deflection or disruption system, we can make sure that there is a lower chance for the goal to fail.

Fourth, we have to collaborate nation by nation to strengthen our partnerships internationally. We have to share NEO-related knowledge with the other leaders. We have to keep in mind that any action we do affects the entire nation. That knowledge based on many studies conducted must be shared so people globally who have individual ideas can analyze them.

Finally, a program to strengthen and routinely train NEO influence emergency procedures and motion protocols must be implemented. We must remember that this disaster is not like the hurricanes or floods we used to experience because it is hard to determine it’s possible impact on the Earth. It can even target the lives of many living things in the Earth at a speed of light. Therefore, we have to explore practical options based on the objects that may exist and how they may play out.

Now, we must realize that these goals are possible to happen if we only do our part that let those plans sit on our hands. Whoever has a good idea and resolution should share it globally. If we become realistic, we will have the courage to designate capable people to get involved in finding the resolution.

Someone can also be in-charge of coordinating with the international countries. It doesn’t matter if this problem impacts just a small portion of the Earth. Each one has the responsibility. We should not only save ourselves but the lives of many.

Final Days of Otzi the Iceman Revealed Through New Analysis of His Tools

Otzi the Iceman has given the scientists insights back to the Copper Age in Europe. This 5,300-year-old mummy was found embedded in a glacier in 1991. Studies show that days before he was murdered in the Otztal Alps bordered between Italy and Austria, he was able to re-sharpened his tools using his right hand. The markings seen on his belongings showed this new analysis.

The scientists thought that he was about 45 years old when he died. His has 61 tattoos embedded on his body, while his stomach has traces of meats, grains, and wild goat.

The researchers assumed that he might not be sharpening the tools because he was preparing for a fight, but maybe because he is thinking of some work to do. The equipment they found include a dagger, a borer, an end scraper, an antler retoucher, two arrowheads, and a flake. There is also an arrowhead embedded in his shoulder. Many of Otzi’s tools consist of a hard, dark rock made of silica.

Based on the shapes and cut marks on his tools, the scientists believe that Otzi’s belongings indicate two cultures where he might be a member. The arrowheads were the typical tool used by the northern Italian traditions, and the scraper is similar to the blade tools used by Swiss and southern German lake dwellers from the Horgen culture.

Some studies also reveal that the trade of chert daggers found on his belongings was from northern Italy to southern Germany. The copper seen on his ax may have also hailed from Tuscany in central Italy. They also saw two artifacts that had been reworked over the years. These were the oval-shaped end scraper which is used for cutting animals or plants and the borer which is used for boring holes in an object like wood.

The researchers also believe that he was right-handed because there were wear traces seen on the chert tools. Another indication is that Otzi had a cut on his right hand which makes them think that it is unlikely that the Ice Man re-sharpened his tools many days before he died.

Examining the other tools also lead the researchers to see more viewpoints that tell them about Otzi’s culture and activity before his death. It was said that 33 hours before he died, the Iceman went up in the mountain at the height of 8,200 feet or 2,500 meters above sea level. Then, he spent sometime before walking again for another four to five hours until he reached the height of 9,800 feet.

They also speculated that Otzi was shot from behind by the archer. There is a marking of arrowhead stuck on the Ice Man’s shoulder. It is the same tool that the people in his community were using. The only thing that still puzzled the mind of the researchers is the reason why an archer killed him, and that would probably remain a big question to everyone.

How AI Could Help Us Tackle Climate Change

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is one of the leading topics all over the world nowadays. It invades various industries, and it has long been a debate about whether companies should rely on it or not. And now, people have seen that it also be beneficial to how we deal with climate change.

Researchers are now using a new weapon, the machine learning. It is a special type of algorithm that can perform any action without the need for setting it up. This machine doesn’t need to be programmed to do its functions. It makes use of AI to learn, making it exceptional than the other software that had been developed.

This machine is more than capable than the others because it can help improve the resolution of the climate models, which is best described in Geophysical Research Letters. The more they utilize the advantage provided by AI and machine learning, the higher is the chance for them to understand the realities happening in the atmosphere and give a better forecast of the weather changes.

If they achieve this goal, they can then innovate new products to minimize the impact of climate change on humans and all other things living on the Earth. The higher is also the opportunity for them to deliver accurate status of the climate so everybody will become more prepared.

Currently, the models have a resolution of about 100 kilometers, or equivalent to 62 miles. This number is already enough for the entire atmosphere. However, it can be too coarse for the clouds more subtle features. For this instance, the machine learning doesn’t need a more complex software just for it to provide predictions on how the climate change moves.

The lead author, Professor Pierre Gentine from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science, considered this improvement as a game-changer for the climate prediction. Their team is aware that they find some uncertainties in their projections on how the Earth’s climate deal with the rising of the greenhouse gas concentrations. The machine learning enables them to predict this climate’s activity better.

The team called the algorithm Cloud Brain or CBRAIN. To strengthen their concept, these scientists conduct their testing on the planets with controlled parameters. The tests were done on both aquaplanet and continental planets so they can better see if there are differences.

They were able to make the neutral network understand the process on how the clouds warm up and moisten, as well as how it radiates the heat away. The CBRAIN predicted all these and other activities. They know that the components of the entire atmosphere react with each other.

With the help of the machine learning and data-driven approach they are trying to develop, they aim to provide an accurate prediction regarding the climate change. The artificial intelligence helps the decision-makers create better solutions and produce a report with accuracy and speed. It is also one right way that will make every citizen responsible for their actions. It can also reduce the damage to the human lives and properties.

The Sims 4: New Content Being Planned for Next Three Years

If you are a Sims fanatic, this news will surely make you glad! You don’t have to fear anymore after it was gone because this famous game is due for release on June 22 for Mac and PC.

It is not a secret that the Sims is one of the most successful titles on PC and Mac since it was released in September 2014. It has sold nearly 20 million copies worldwide across its four main titles. It offers expansion packs plus downloadable content which adds long-term sustainability to this popular game simulation.

In an interview with Grant Rodiek, a Variety Senior Producer, he revealed that he and his entire production had already discussed regarding their next three-year content plans. This four-year-old game brought fear to its players and fans after some of the development team members left the Sims 4 earlier this year. Aside from what had happened, the team also didn’t announce any upcoming content to continue what they have started.

The latest expansion for The Sims 4, which we will be called The Sims 4: Seasons, will be launched later this week. It will be more exciting to be back in the game again because Rodiek and his team added more fun to it like impactful weather, a wide variety of seasonal activities, as well as more holiday celebrations.

Many loyal fans have been playing the game ever since it was launched and it could also be one of the reasons why its development team never give up their plans. They are trying to add more features to the game for more fun and enjoyment. Since the objective of the game is to make the player happy, the developers added Emotions, allowing the Sim to feel different kinds of feelings.

While the Sims 2 has “wants or fears,” and the Sims 3 has “wishes,” the Sims 4, on the other hand, had “whims.” They’re the cute bubbles that appear over the head of Sim, telling you that the character might want something to achieve.

The Sims 4 also has a new version of Reward Points for a more fulfilling game. You can accrue these rewards once you fulfill Sim’s whims and aspirations. Another significant component of this version that makes it more enjoyable is the new Create-A-Sim plus the improved Build Mode. It is pretty intuitive and easy to customize as well.

With the features being added and developments made to the Sims 4, no wonder many people of all ages have been addicted to playing the game. It is worth buying because it never fails to entertain its players. Its entire package could also be the reason why many of us were disappointed when the has game stopped. We are looking forward to seeing more changes and improvements on the game when it is back. Thanks to the efforts of the game developers!

T.Rex Lived a Life Devoid of kisses and Tongue Wagging, New Deflating Study Reveals

T.Rex is just one of the successful predators among its kind, and currently, a new study captures our attention. There were artists’ renditions wherein T.Rex and other dinosaurs showing their tongues as they protrude from gaping jaws. It is surprising because this pose is only commonly seen in the modern lizards. It leads the researchers to discover that dinosaurs couldn’t stick out their tongues just like lizards do.

Since the soft tissue is uncommonly preserved, the scientists instead studied hyoid. It is a group of bones supporting the tongue. They evaluated the hyoids of the dinosaurs as well as of other similar species and their relatives such as crocodiles and birds. They wanted to check if these animals can also lick the tongue-wagging capabilities of the extinct dinosaurs.

By comparing the similarities of their hyoid bones, the result shows that the dinosaurs’ tongues are probably similar to those of the alligators and crocodiles, wherein they are firmly attached to the floor of their mouths.

Julia Clarke, the professor of vertebrate paleontology with the Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin, stated that it is already a natural aspect of the dinosaurs’ anatomy. We, people, just don’t think that it is real. She also added that it is already part of these species way of living.

Many people considered that dinosaurs were oversized lizards because of the structure of their tongue. This misconception exists for several years already and even until today where we lived in an advanced world. This belief is contrary to the long-established statement that the closest living relatives of these dinosaurs were birds and crocodiles.

Modern bird tongues, on the other hand, have complex hyoids consisting of multiple structures extending along the midline to its tongue’s tip. As a result, its tongue is considered to be diverse and highly mobile. These characteristics look like the Hummingbird’s tongue. It is flexible and long micropumps that pool around the skull of this bird when retracted.

It is also confusing for some because researchers have observed that the tongue of the extinct dinosaurs also has hyoid structures closely similar to those of crocodilians that have a simple pair of short rods. The alligators, crocodiles, and other relatives have tongues with fixed connective tissues and muscles connecting from base to tip.

By looking at the similarities between the crocodilians’ and dinosaurs’ hyoids, the researchers found that the dinosaurs might not be capable of stretching their tongues. They have also seen the similarities of hyoid structures between birds and pterosaurs. It is possible that the two groups have more mobile tongues so they can deal with their diet that the ground species don’t have.

Clarke stated that the dinosaurs have less-mobile tongue structure so it could help them with their eating habits. They use the bite-and-swallow eating strategy wherein their tongue has a less active role.

Regirock, Regice, and Registeel Added to Pokemon Go Network Traffic!

For sure, every Pokemon lover will get excited in the new characters added to the game. The Regice, Regirock, and Registeel models will give more excitement to the game. This Regi Trio will dominate Pokemon as raid bosses on the 21st of June a 1:00 pm PDT, which is the exact time Kyogre will leave.

Let’s welcome these new models by checking out these raid guides!

Pokemon GO Regirock is rock Pokemon model possessing 3087 MAX CP. You will truly love this character because it has a unique ability than any other legendaries. The best moveset it has that will capture your attention is the Rock Throw and Zap Cannon.

Having this ability allows the Regirock to deal with damage whether the enemy is strong. It means that whenever its body is damaged during the battle, it has the ability to seek suitable rocks that he will use to repair itself. Also, Regirock’s notable feature is its vulnerability to steel, fighting, and ground with water and grass moves.


The upper part of Registeel’s body is spherical and gray. Its face has a black stripe with seven red dots forming a hexagonal shape. It only has three fingers on its black arms, and he has a cylindrical legs. Registeel has been classified as a Steel-type Pokemon model because his body is harder than any other metal in the world.

Despite the hardness of the material which its body is made of, it still stretches and even shrinks if triggered. Its body was tempered over a thousand years by the pressure produced underground.

Registeel can also increase its damage from fire, ground, and fighting. It also has a wide variety of moves, and Fighting and Steel are just two of them. Both of these moves can benefit from Stab, becoming 20% more powerful in snowy weather.


Regice is classified as an Ice-type Legendary Pokemon known to evolve into or from any kind of Pokemon. It slept in a glacier for thousands of years. Together with its colleagues, Regirock and Registeel, Regice is also one of the Legendary titans of Hoenn.

Regice’s body consists of Antarctic ice that looks like a crystal. Its face has a pattern with seven yellow dots forming a plus sign. Its back has four spikes while its legs are conical, allowing him to balance its entire body. Each of its cylindrical arms has three fingers. He has the ability to float in the air and cloaks itself at about -328 degrees Fahrenheit. It can survive even in molten lava and any other sweltering temperatures.

These three legendary characters serve as both attackers and defense, yet they can’t function as gym defenders. Their strength may be used in the future if there are game changes that will happen like allowing one legendary per gym. But don’t lose hope everyone because we’re looking forward to having more raid bosses coming up!