Worry about the cooking no more, Moley Robot kitchen does it for you

Moley Robot Kitchen

Why would waste your precious time in the kitchen preparing all the dishes, when you can delegate cooking to a robot? Well, not exactly a robot but a pair of robotic hands. Those hands might be the next standard set in the kitchen. While you are away for whatever reason, Moley Robot kitchen can do everything when it comes to cooking and prepare you a meal when you arrive.

Sounds good? With its iTunes style library of recipes, Robot kitchen has access to numerous recipes. You can download any recipe you desire from a library of 2000+ recipes and robot hands will make the food for you. Not only that. Since there are robotic arms in question, they are intelligent with the capability to learn new movements. The cooking skills of Tim Anderson who was the winner of BBC Master Chef title were recreated by Robot kitchen hands. Every slight movement was recorded and replayed by hands.

Moley Robot kitchen has a multitude of great features

Apparently, having Alain Ducasse, Gordon Ramsay or maybe Jamie Oliver in your kitchen making meals for you can become a reality. It’s only a matter of time when the robot kitchen will have the ability to mimic all of the popular chefs worldwide. The only problem that might occur there is robot’s inability to improvise like human chef often does things. Yes, the robot can emulate chefs, but it’s not able to put its „personal taste“ in the dish. Give it the same ingredients and it will make you an identical meal every time. Do the same with human chefs, and the result will oscillate by a small margin.

So how does this Moley Robot kitchen works? It specifies the number of portions, type of cuisine, dietary restrictions, calorie count, desired ingredients, cooking method, chef, etc. from the recipe library first. Using your smartphone or touchscreen you operate the kitchen and choose the desired recipe. Then you need to put individual prepackaged containers of measured, cut and washed ingredients on designated spots. Robotic arms still can’t do that themselves. After everything is prepared, press start and the cooking magic begins.

New potential platform for a service is emerging

In essence, robotic hands are mounted on the wall inside small kitchen department. This kitchen has all the necessary cabinets, appliances, utensils etc. You don’t even have to clean the kitchen afterward as hands have the ability to do so. Moley and the creators of similar technologies expect that this will lead “share and sell” service. That means that the professional chefs could access and sell their recipes via a dedicated library of recipes database. Basically, that would be a new platform for collective cooking creativity and knowledge. Maybe even a starting point for new professional chefs to emerge.


Even though Robot kitchen requires Wi-Fi connection to access new recipes and other content, it saves everything that is downloaded. So if you lose connection, you can still use the kitchen and all the downloaded recipes. The worst-case scenario: You can switch everything into the manual mode and prepare meals yourself. Just like the old… I mean, just like the present times.

A tech that is yet to be affordable

Does it all sound so good that you would immediately want to install such a kitchen in your apartment? If the answer is yes, there might be one problem. The asking price for the Moley Robot kitchen is $92.000. Right now, the potential buyers are the early technology adopters, facilities like hospitals and senior homes, or people in need of assisted care who may have insurance coverage for much of the cost. Everyone else should wait for it to become cheaper and more accessible, just like the electrical vehicles. Patience is the key. Moley expects to launch the Robot kitchen sometimes in the year 2018.

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Elon Musk suggests Mars colonization to preserve human species in 3rd World War

Elon Musk SXSW 2018

Even though Donald Trump announced that he will meet North Korea leader, Kim-Jong Un to decrease nuclear tension between countries, there is still fear that one day, World War III will happen. If the war happens, Elon Musk says for SXSW that humans should colonize planet Mars in order to preserve our species.

The plan is to ensure that colony on Mars has all the requisites and conditions for humans. That way they could live on the planet without any risk. The Moon could be another option but it’s closer to the Earth. In the events of the war, a colony on the Mars has a greater chance of survival than the base on the Moon just because it’s farther away.  The colony can reduce the length of dark ages that occur after the events of the possible war.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX to launch BFR for the first time in 2019

Elon Musk says that his company SpaceX is working on the rocket that will take humans to Mars. It’s a 100-meter ship that has the codename BFR or Big F**king Rocket. However, one thing is to build a big rocket and transport humans with it, but the other is to make the infrastructure on the Mars to sustain a colony. That requires an immense amount of work done and serious entrepreneurship.

Mars City plan by SpaceX

Naysayers can say that all of that is just some escape hatch for the rich people if the worst happens on Earth. Musk highlight the risks of such a mission by saying it’s difficult, dangerous and there is a good chance that some people will die, while survivors would be excited. There are not many people that will volunteer to go in the beginning. After some time, the colony would be hospitable and the life there would be like on Earth.

Even though Musk says that BFR will fly for the first time in the first half of 2019, he acknowledges that his timeline predictions are optimistic. The production of Tesla model 3, for example, has been delayed numerous times.

Dangers of unregulated AI

He also talks about the risks and chances of SpaceX and Tesla to succeed. Initially, he gave them both a success rate of 10% saying that they are both alive by the skin of their teeth. If anything goes bad, both companies would probably be dead. That’s why Musk didn’t want his friends to invest in SpaceX because he didn’t want them to lose their money. Instead, he used his own money, from the sale of PayPal, into the businesses.

Another reason for going to the Mars is unregulated Artificial Intelligence. The AI development usually goes with the premise of helping humans by taking some of their work and making life easier. But what if AI becomes super-intelligent without ethical restrictions and regulations? It could capture us and inject our brains with dopamine to keep us happy – Musk says. It could lead us to the aforementioned World War III. He suggests a public regulatory body would need “insight and oversight” to confirm that everyone was developing AI safely and in a way that is “symbiotic with humanity”.

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Self-driving trucks will start delivering cargo in Atlanta

Waymo self'driving trucks

According to Waymo and its autonomous technology experiments, their self-driving trucks will begin delivering freight for Google’s data centers in Atlanta. However, the trucks will still not be completely driverless, but they’ll use public roads.

With the help of Google’s logistic team, Waymo is developing technology and integrating it into the shippers and carriers operations. All that with their own network of ports and terminals, distribution centers and factories. For the test, they have chosen Atlanta as the ideal environment because it has one of the biggest logistics hubs in the country.

Atlanta as the natural place for testing self-driving trucks

Waymo’s testing of the autonomous technology began last year in California and Arizona. The test subjects were Class-8 tractor trailers. After that, in January this year, the company brought self-driving minivans to Atlanta for public testing. Since Google’s data centers are already situated in Atlanta it was only natural to do the testing there. Also, they realized that it’s time to make another step and test the big trucks.

The trucks are riddled with the same custom-built set of sensors just like self-driving minivans. The same software that controlled Waymo’s cars to go full driverless in Arizona will control the trucks. Fully driverless truck testing is expected to happen in Phoenix sometime in 2018.

The competition is not sleeping either. Uber announced that their self-driving cargo trucks are already making deliveries in Arizona. They are not doing the entire trip without a driver but using hub model. That means that trucks are driving themselves for the long hauls and human drivers are taking the control for the last few miles.

More companies with successful self-driving truck deliveries are emerging

On the other hand, Waymo is limiting its deliveries to within its own corporate circle. They still have to show an interest in making deliveries between shippers and receivers like Uber has with their Uber Freight venture. The contentious lawsuit between Waymo and Uber was settled last month over allegations that Uber has stolen Waymo’s self-driving secrets.

Waymo and Uber are not the only one in the field of self-driving trucks. There is also a company that goes by the name of Embark. They have been shipping refrigerators between Southern California and Texas since late 2017. Also, Embark’s autonomous trucking solution demonstrated their capabilities with a big one. Their truck managed to do coast to coast trip, from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Florida. That is 2400 miles from one end of the US land to the other. They just want to make it possible to do long-haul trips with the less drivers than needed. Of course, drivers are needed for the parts of the route that don’t involve freeway and driving.

This self-driving technology eliminates the need for human drivers. The positive side is that humans will not need to drive trucks for several hundred or thousand miles. The truck driving jobs will become a thing of the past. At least, this all means the reduction of risk of the human error on the road.

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Tesla’s Gigafactory will have the largest solar rooftop in the world

Tesla Gigafactory

When it comes to Tesla and making some bold movements in the tech industry, you know there is no compromise. Elon Musk is ensuring that everything that is fossil fuel driven becomes a thing of the past, especially factories as massive air pollutants. Tesla’s Gigafactory should prove that factories can be all electric in their operations.

That is why Tesla started to build enormous rooftop solar array of panels on top of its Gigafactory 1 (GF1) in Nevada. Current record holder with the largest arrays of solar panels is the one in India. It generates 11.5 megawatts that can power up to 8000 homes. The Gigafactory solar array will be several times more powerful. Its solar panels will produce up to 70 megawatts of electrical power.

Change the way the world uses energy

This is all part of Elon Musk’s plan to make future cleaner and more sustainable for the future generations. Once he said that there is an intention to power the whole state of Nevada using only renewable energy resources and batteries, he wasn’t kidding. Gigafactory will serve as an example that there is definitely a possibility to achieve such a big task. After all, we are talking about the same man whose company, Space X, launched Tesla Roadster into Space. Nothing is impossible.

The construction will be done in phases so it doesn’t interfere with Tesla’s production of cars. They will gradually expand the building over time to reach the desired capacity of the solar panels and batteries. The mass production of the lithium-ion batteries has begun in January, last year. Gigafactory, if everything goes according to plan, will be finished sometime this year. When that happens, it will claim the title of world’s largest building by footprint.

Tesla says that the current structure of the entire structure already has of 1.9 million square feet. When you multiply the number with several floors, you get 4.9 million square feet of operational space. That is already an impressive amount of space and Tesla says it’s still less than 30% done.

A long-term plan to populate the entire world with the Gigafactory

Once when Gigafactory is all done, it will surely change the way the world uses energy. It will be able to produce 5 GWh of lithium-ion battery cells per year. That is nearly as much as the rest of the entire world’s battery production combined.

According to what Elon Musk said to Leonardo DiCaprio while taking him on the tour of the Gigafactory, it would take about 100 Gigafactories to transition “the whole world” to sustainable energy. There is already a plan to create another Gigafactory in New York and to make yet another 3 Gigafactories on other locations. Elon Musk wants to make factories all over the world wherever there is a huge amount of demand for the end product.

Does this mean that Tesla will really build 100 Gigafactories in the future and thus convert the entire world to use sustainable energy? It wouldn’t be a surprise if they manage to pull it off.  Maybe the future with carbon-neutral production is nearer than we thought it is.

If you like this article, maybe you will like this one too! Give it a shot. – Children have a hard time holding pencils because of technology today

Children have a hard time holding pencils because of technology today

Children pencils header

As technological progress marches on, besides huge benefits, it brings certain problems and difficulties too. When it comes to very young children, a simple task like holding a pencil properly becomes very hard. You are probably wondering: “How can something so simple be so hard?”

The simple answer lies in the excessive use of modern technology. Senior pediatric doctors are stating the warning that exposure to the gadgets such as tablets before kids develop writing skills can be really bad. An overuse of touchscreen phones and tablets is preventing children’s finger muscles from developing sufficiently to enable them to hold a pencil correctly, they say.

Neglecting the use of fine muscles in fingers for precision leaves them underdeveloped when children go to elementary school. Children today do not have the hand strength and dexterity they had 10 years ago.

Therapy for developing skills

It’s not all about holding the pencil and being able to do writing properly without struggle and discomfort in the fingers. Kids of today spend much more of their time indoors than going out and play or do various stuff kids do at their age.  Muscle building play such as building blocks, cutting and sticking stuff, pulling toys, pulling ropes and so on becomes obsolete. It’s easier to shove an iPad or phone into kid’s hands to keep them occupied.

Six-year-old kids like Patrick now need to do certain therapy practices. For example, he needs to visit occupational therapist every week for six months to gain necessary strength in his index finger. Only then he will be able to hold a pencil in the correct, tripod grip. His mother, Laura is blaming herself for that matter. She gave Patrick technology to play with instead of traditional toys. When he enrolled in school, he was unable to hold the pencil properly but to grip it like cavemen held sticks. That way he couldn’t learn how to write as he couldn’t be accurate at all in his finger movements. If this happens, the most important thing is to react fast so the problem can be eliminated early.

Schools are still using pens alongside technology

However, there is a concern that the number of children having issues with writing is increasing. Because of overuse of technology they are developing their handwriting skills late than it is expected. Additional problem is that handwriting is individual. Humans are not writing the same shape of letters since it’s the result of their own handwriting skill development. Some of them develop pretty or not so pretty looking handwriting style. Because of that, it’s kind of hard to detect if there is a problem with finger muscles or not.

Schools are also different about the usage of pencils. Some of them are introducing the tablets besides pencils even though they encourage writing with pens. Luckily, nursery schools are aware of the problem so there isn’t a single one which isn’t using pens alongside the tablets and iPads. So, dear parents, don’t let your children rely too much on touchscreens. Encourage them into writing with pencil and crafting something with their hands until they develop the motion skills they need.

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How to limit Facebook from spying on you

For now, usual suspicion is that Facebook is spying people by microphones on their mobile phones. This means that if you say certain brand name during any kind of conversation you will see ads for that exact brand on Facebook. Facebook ad-targeting product manager Antonio Garcia Martinez says that this is not true due to the fact that uploading and scanning that amount of audio data will strain even NSA.

This doesn’t mean that Facebook is not spying on you. There must be a way for them to know how to target you for specific ads. They need to obtain your personal data and preferences somehow. They don’t need the mic on your phone but other features that you are unaware of.

Data brokers are selling information about you

If you go to the shopping, for every single item you buy, you procure some sort of information. For example, to get certain loyalty points, you usually provide your information such as full name, e-mail, phone number or customer ID. This is more than enough for the stores to collect data about your shopping habits and purchase history. Data brokers are the companies that gather all the data containing consumer’s personal information and habits. Makers of products or sellers are paying the sum of money to get such information about (potential) customers from Data brokers.

This is where Facebook comes in. As a social platform with the largest user counter ever, it is the best place for sellers to use previously obtained information for ad targeting. There is no point to advertise a product to someone who is not your target audience (not interested in your products). That is why they need your name, gender, age, purchase history, hobbies, and interests. Facebook is working with six data brokers, such as Acxiom, Epsilon, Experian, Oracle Data Cloud, TransUnion, and WPP.

You can request them to remove all of your information from their databases if you want. Of course, you will need to visit each of their websites and fill in the form to do so. A long and boring task, but it’s ironic that you need to put your personal information in the form for them to remove your – personal information. Feel free to click on the links above and opt out yourself if you wish to do it.

Prevent or limit their tracking of you

When it comes to loyalty cards, if it is not really necessary, don’t use them. If you need to, register with another e-mail or phone number you don’t use.

Another step is limiting Facebook from knowing your current location and location history. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Location and turn off location tracking and disable location history. If you enable the Facebook app to gain access to your GPS, it knows where you are. Every time you connect to Wi-Fi access point, you leave your “trail” for Facebook to know where you have been.

Disable FB location

Source: Wilson Rothman, The Wall Street Journal

Even if you have installed certain apps on your phone like food tracking app, Facebook will still offer you weight loss ads. Companies tend to swap information and iPhone has something like iPhone’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). That is a number stored on the iPhone, to match up any other history associated with IDFA, including Facebook account. To limit advertisers from getting your IDFA, in iOS go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising > switch on Limit Ad Tracking. At the same time, you should reset the advertising identifier. With Android’s similar system, just go to Settings > Google > Ads > Opt out of Ads Personalization.

Source: Wilson Rothman, The Wall Street Journal

At last, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and others offer ways to opt out on their own websites. On Facebook, go to Settings > Account Settings > Ads > Ad Settings and turn off all the settings on that page. You can also delete any interests Facebook may have gathered about you previously. Install the Ghostery or Privacy Badger extensions for your computer’s browser. Both allow you to see—and disable— trackers that are running on web pages.

Is this all going to remove you entirely from them bombing you with ads that they think you should see? Hardly, because we are using the technology that always has the way to “spy on people”. There is no transparency as to how these ads are getting to us. Unless going completely offline (or even off-grid) there is no way to stop the tracking.

If you like this article, maybe you will like this one too! Give it a shot. – Floating Wind Farm is the future of generating electricity.

Floating wind farm is the future of generating electricity

Hywind floating turbine

There is a huge potential to gain electrical power from strong winds at the coast of Scotland. A well-established wind farm can come in handy to provide more natural driven electricity to the grid. Wind farm Hywind started doing just that since last October.

Statoil, the Norwegian corporation that built the actual farm claims that Hywind has 65% capacity factor which is an astonishing result. In theory, with 100% capacity factor, this wind farm could send 30MW of power to the grid. Every minute of every day since the launch of the operation. In reality, such result is impossible, but 65% is still a large percentage. It actually exceeds the average capacity of many sources of electricity.

This is great news. Since electric vehicles are slowly but surely getting into the mainstream, they might generate a substantial need for more electrical power. The power that current electrical grid cannot provide. Another problem is that the fossil fuel is still the main source of power for power stations. Thermal power plants are one of the main artificial sources of producing toxic gases and particulate matter. The combustion of fossil fuel contributes the most to acid rain, air pollution and is connected with global warming. There are many unused natural resources that we can utilize to gain electricity in an environment-friendly way.

Floating wind farm installations

For example, US onshore wind installations had an average capacity factor of about 36,7 %. Solar photovoltaic installations only 27%, while conventional hydropower only has an average capacity factor of 45,2%. That is not very impressive.

Sure, comparing them with Hywind is not entirely fair since Hywind operated in the winter so far. In the winter season, the winds are the strongest in Scotland. It’s only natural to expect that the average capacity factor will be lowered when the winds are mild. However, there is a solution for that. Instead of having the turbine fixed in one place, they are floating.

The entire wind farm that is floating can be moved farther out in the sea where the wind is stronger and more consistent. Hywind uses suction anchors just like floating offshore oil drilling platforms. There is no need for expensive fixed structures underwater. Hywind is currently situated 15,5 miles out from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is capable to power 20.000 homes at maximum capacity.

Storms and very strong winds are not the problems

Hywind is very resilient and equipped to withstand very rough storms. It performed without any problem during hurricane Ophelia while it was hit by 80mph wind speeds. Another storm in December last year produced winds with speed of around 100mph causing big waves up to 27ft in height. Just in case, wind turbines can shut themselves down if the situation requires so. After the situation is over they automatically resume the operation. Pitch motion controller can control the turbine by adjusting the angle of its blades. This comes in handy when winds are strong to prevent excessive motion of the structure. Statoil is aiming to build more wind farms when wind turbines get more efficient. By the year 2030. They hope to bring the cost of floating wind farms down to $50-74 per MWh.

If you like this article, maybe you will like this one too! Give it a shot. – GitHub sustained the biggest DDoS attack ever.

GitHub sustained the biggest DDoS attack ever

DDoS attack

GitHub is a web-based hosting service mostly used for deploying computer code with additional features such as source code management (SCM), bug tracking,  task management etc. Several days ago, it was the victim of the largest recorded DDoS attack ever.

What is the DDoS attack? Simply put, Distributed Denial of Services attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. Targets are a wide variety of important resources, from banks to news websites. Since GitHub service is very large and many programmers are using it, no wonder it can be susceptible to random network and hacking attacks.

There are several ways to perform the DDoS attack

  1. Occupation of all the TCP connections to infrastructure devices such as application servers, load balancers, firewalls etc.
  2. Entire usage of possible bandwidth creating insurmountable congestion. Within target network or between target network (service) and the rest of the internet.
  3. Fragmentation attack using numerous pieces of packets. This causes the “flooding” of packets and target is unable to reassemble them and thus the performance is slowed down.
  4. Targeting the specific aspect of an application or service and thus generating a low traffic rate

The ddos attack can also multiply traffic they send through DNS reflection. Attacker sends small requests to a DNS server and asks it to send up to 70x big replies to the victim. If the victim has internet connected printer with an outdated testing service called Chargen, an attacker can ask a device to reply with a stream of random characters.

What happened to GitHub?

Apparently, GitHub got 1,35 terabits per second of traffic attack several days ago. That DDoS attack holds the current record as the largest one ever recorded. After 10 minutes into the attack and traffic struggle, GitHub has automatically called for help. DDoS mitigating service, Akamai Prolexic, immediately stepped in and acted as a mediator between GitHub and attackers. Prolexic routed all the traffic out to scrubbing centers to filter out and block malicious packets. After 8 minutes, the attack has subsided.

Publicly exposed memcached servers are the problem

Attackers used DNS reflection style amplification method with memcached servers. These database caching systems work to speed networks and websites, but they shouldn’t be exposed to the public. About 100.000 memcached servers sit exposed to public internet with no authentication protection. This means that attacker can access them and send special series of small requests (10 queries per second per server). Memcached servers then respond creating 50 times bigger reply to the victim.

The main problem is these servers. The community that tracks the memcached attack trend is addressing the issue by asking owners of those servers to take them off the internet behind firewalls on internal networks. Prolexic can also add filters to block memcached traffic if they detect the suspicious amount of it.

According to internet service provider CenturyLink, there are 300 individual scanners that are searching for memcached boxes. This means that there are at least 300 bad guys looking for exposed servers. ISP can filter the actual command so no one can actually start the attack using memcached servers.

GitHub, with the help of Akamai Prolexic, successfully managed to survive the DDoS attack. The duration of attack was 15 to 20 minutes because software detected it very fast and reacted accordingly. For now, it’s the best solution for resisting the attacks until “problematic” servers get off public internet eye.

If you like this article, maybe you will like this one too! Give it a shot. – AI as better lawyer than humans

AI as better lawyer than humans?

AI brain lawyer

Here we have yet another example where AI beats humans in their own profession. Lawyers in their daily work can have a lot of contract or legal document reviews. This usually requires them to check for possible errors in those documents. According to the recent battle against AI, lawyers lost the challenge quite badly.

LawGeex has conducted a study where 20 experienced US-trained lawyers were pitted against the Artificial Intelligence algorithm. The experiment was simple. All of the competitors were given 5 non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to review and the time limit is under 4 hours. The competitor that gets bigger accuracy percentage level is the winner. As you can see from the first sentence, AI scores an easy victory.

AI’s tremendous speed and accuracy level

Let’s meet the contestants.  The lawyer participants were made up of law firm associates, sole practitioners, in-house lawyers and General Counsel. All 20 of them have the experience reviewing contracts at companies including Goldman Sachs and Cisco. This also includes global law firms such as Alston & Bird and K&L Gates.

LawGeex AI, on the other hand, used machine learning and deep learning technologies while training on tens of thousands NDAs. That was more than enough to produce truly amazing results. AI singlehandedly not just beat, but annihilated the lawyers in their own game.

The papers had 30 legal issues that competitors needed to identify in 4 hours. Those issues ranged from indemnification, arbitration to confidentiality of relationship and so forth. 3213 clauses spread through 153 paragraphs on 11 pages. Sounds like a lot of work to do. Well, not for AI.

It took an average of 92 minutes for the lawyers to review all 5 NDAs, while LawGeex AI was so fast that it reviewed all 5 NDAs in staggering 26 seconds. That’s right! Just 26 seconds! The accuracy level of AI was 94%, compared to an average accuracy level of 85% across 20 human lawyers.

Is this the end of a lawyer as job career?

Judging by all of this, one would assume that here is another example of people being inferior to AI. And that lawyers should worry about their jobs being redundant in the future.  That shouldn’t be the case. AI, with the speed and precision, can be the excellent additional feature in lawyer work. It can free up lawyers so they can focus on tasks that require a human brain.

AI can do the first review of an NDA document and then highlight all the most important aspects of it. Since it requires less than a minute to do such a task, lawyers can see highlighted sections and thus perform the second review. But this time they can do it much faster since they know where to look and what is important. This way, AI compliments lawyers work like some kind of an assistant freeing up valuable time. A valuable time where lawyers can focus on higher value work such as client counseling. Unless AI becomes advanced enough and beat them even in the field of counseling.

If you like this article, maye you will like this one too! Give it a shot. – Artificial Intelligence to generate realistic faces in video clips.

Artificial intelligence to generate realistic faces in video clips

If you have watched Star Wars: Rouge One movie, you will exactly know what am I talking about. The scene near the end where Princess Leia appears that serves as an interlude to A New Hope. Late actor Carrie Fischer was approaching her sixties and doing heavy makeup to make her look younger was not an option. What we all actually witnessed was artificial intelligence generating realistic face of her as Princess Leia Organa.

That was a pretty impressive showcase of video manipulation even though the keen eye can still instantly see that it’s not yet very realistic. But over time it will probably become so accurate that it will be borderline indistinguishable from the real thing. Also, it is a matter of time when the process of video fabrication will become automated and accessible to anyone.

But turns out there was a downloadable neural network called FakeApp that can plaster images of people onto any video clip they desire. It was created by Reddit user that goes by the name of “Deepfakes” and it was released last year. When you have the tools like that, what do you think people will use it for?

One app against massive tech

Of course, pornography! It seems to be that humanity has this urge to see celebrities “in action”. In order to fulfill their desires, people started to put popular celebrities onto the pornographic video clips. Reddit was flooded with artificial Deepfake porno clips. Luckily, there was one Reddit user called “Derpfakes” who used the Deepfake app in the entirely another manner. He tried to recreate the aforementioned Star Wars: Rogue One scene with Princess Leia using the app. A way to prove how marvelous the technology already is.

Star Wars: Rouge One had a production budget of $200 million. Digitally recreating princess Leia was a “super high-tech and labor-intensive version of doing makeup” according to John Knoll who was visual effects supervisor in the movie. So, apparently, it should be pretty hard to do the same using just a FakeApp and a collection of photos. Or should it?

Derpfakes used the FakeApp and around 200 images of a young Carrie Fisher. He put all those images on the video clip from Rouge One and merged with the app. The result is astonishing! You can see the difference in this next video. The scene above is the original CGI version and the scene below is the artificial one Derpfakes manipulated himself. And it only took him around 20 minutes of work!


Is this something that should frighten us?

From the one perspective, this is an absolutely great achievement. It shows that you don’t need expensive equipment and months of hard work to achieve something like this. This is great for reducing massive expenditures during filming. From the other perspective, this is actually a bit frightening. If Derpfakes had more images of Carrie Fisher he claims that he would be able to create even more realistic output.

Yes, people are having fun putting celebrity faces onto the porn movies for now, but this shows how anyone can easily manipulate videos. If they can do that, imagine what major tech firms and governments can do. The times where we can trust the video source to be some kind of an evidence are surely fading away. Just check this real-time face capture of videos.


If misused, it can help to generate artificial fake news of video clips. Now that is something we really don’t want in our lives.

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