Apple patents handwriting recognition for iPad

Apple just recently filed a new patent in the United States for one of its most successful products – the iPad. The patent is for a handwriting recognition system. The focus of this new technology is to allow the users to be able to write words and even full sentences on the screen, which then converts into a typing script. The first reports state that technology would be very suitable for Chinese languages, as it’s meant for stroke-based writing.

Although a report by BGR, states that the technology already exists on some Android tablets and smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy series. Like every other technology existing, there is always room for improvement and that is what Apple is expecting to do. Apple plans on making it better, accurate and would pave the way for a whole new generation of handwriting recognition on a screen.

The patent was adeptly named “Managing Real-Time Handwriting Recognition”. This is still just a patent so there are still no guarantees.


At the present moment, the existing handwriting recognition systems tend to be less accurate and very tricky because the movement of the human hand needs to deciphered with high accuracy and the right technology for improvement.

Considering the growth of Apple in recent years, they are expected to achieve this feat, so this patent filing is an extremely significant step in the right direction. The most fascinating part of this patent is that would be perfect for stroke-based writing.

In the patent filing, the diagrams submitted with it show that this system would be compatible with both finger inputs and a stylus. Although the patent was patented for iPads and it runs on the iOS, then the probability of it coming to the iPhone is high. The patent would be made predominantly for Chinese users as it might not be very useful for English users.

The last time Apple attempted handwriting recognition on any of its devices is the Apple Newton which was a stylus-based device that was launched in 1993 although it wasn’t very effective. Under Steve Job’s leadership, Apple has not promoted the stylus but with the new updates in their products like the iPad Pro series, Apple has implemented the use of Apple pencil which is the company’s new stylus.

One of the reasons why developing this kind of patent is considered to be important is the fact that typing on an iPad that has 12.9 inches can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, even though tiny screen keyboards are something that we are all used to by now, there is always room for improvement. The researches show that most of the surveyed people answered that they would use a device that has writing words on-screen because it is more convenient. That is also one of the reasons why the patent includes a pencil or finger use.

The implementation of this kind of product would help improve interactions in the classrooms and meetings better. This feature is expected to be out at the end of 2019, or 2020 iPad Pro.

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