AI as better lawyer than humans?

Here we have yet another example where AI beats humans in their own profession. Lawyers in their daily work can have a lot of contract or legal document reviews. This usually requires them to check for possible errors in those documents. According to the recent battle against AI, lawyers lost the challenge quite badly.

LawGeex has conducted a study where 20 experienced US-trained lawyers were pitted against the Artificial Intelligence algorithm. The experiment was simple. All of the competitors were given 5 non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to review and the time limit is under 4 hours. The competitor that gets bigger accuracy percentage level is the winner. As you can see from the first sentence, AI scores an easy victory.

AI’s tremendous speed and accuracy level

Let’s meet the contestants.  The lawyer participants were made up of law firm associates, sole practitioners, in-house lawyers and General Counsel. All 20 of them have the experience reviewing contracts at companies including Goldman Sachs and Cisco. This also includes global law firms such as Alston & Bird and K&L Gates.

LawGeex AI, on the other hand, used machine learning and deep learning technologies while training on tens of thousands NDAs. That was more than enough to produce truly amazing results. AI singlehandedly not just beat, but annihilated the lawyers in their own game.

The papers had 30 legal issues that competitors needed to identify in 4 hours. Those issues ranged from indemnification, arbitration to confidentiality of relationship and so forth. 3213 clauses spread through 153 paragraphs on 11 pages. Sounds like a lot of work to do. Well, not for AI.

It took an average of 92 minutes for the lawyers to review all 5 NDAs, while LawGeex AI was so fast that it reviewed all 5 NDAs in staggering 26 seconds. That’s right! Just 26 seconds! The accuracy level of AI was 94%, compared to an average accuracy level of 85% across 20 human lawyers.

Is this the end of a lawyer as job career?

Judging by all of this, one would assume that here is another example of people being inferior to AI. And that lawyers should worry about their jobs being redundant in the future.  That shouldn’t be the case. AI, with the speed and precision, can be the excellent additional feature in lawyer work. It can free up lawyers so they can focus on tasks that require a human brain.

AI can do the first review of an NDA document and then highlight all the most important aspects of it. Since it requires less than a minute to do such a task, lawyers can see highlighted sections and thus perform the second review. But this time they can do it much faster since they know where to look and what is important. This way, AI compliments lawyers work like some kind of an assistant freeing up valuable time. A valuable time where lawyers can focus on higher value work such as client counseling. Unless AI becomes advanced enough and beat them even in the field of counseling.

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