7 Essential Apps for Your New Android Device

Google PlayStore and other android app stores are already flooded with various apps you can download. However, not all of these deserve to consume space in your new Android device. Before getting into the extra apps to further your user experience, it is first vital to download the essential ones.


In this article, we have collected the first 7 apps you should download in your brand-new Android device. After all, every device has limited storage capacity. Thus, it is important for every user to download the essentials first.

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Congratulations! You have a brand-new Android device! It’s time to celebrate through packing up your device with apps.

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But not so fast.

Today, the app market is flooded with different Android apps you can download. It might sound great. However, you must remember that your device only has a limited storage capacity for mobile applications. And, you don’t want your storage to be filled up with apps which you are not really going to use.

Thus, before actually heading out to Google Play or other mobile app stores, you must first know what essential apps you should download first.

You do not have to worry about this. We, at TechCoffees, have prepared you the ultimate list of apps you will definitely need for your new Android device. This compilation includes all the apps that are considered staple to many smartphone users.

So, without further ado, let us head on to the 7 Must-Have Apps for Your New Android Device.


1.    AVG Antivirus

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Before anything else, the security of your android device should come first. After all, without such, you are putting your device to the risk of having malware.

If you want to know other antivirus software you can choose from aside from AVG, you might want to check Top 3 Antivirus Software To Protect Your Computer. After all, most antiviruses available on PCs are also optimized for Android devices.

AVG is one of the leading antivirus apps for Android smartphones. This antivirus is loaded with many security features which will make your device protected from unwanted malware and other threats. Also, it cleans up running tasks in order to free up the RAM space of your device.

One great feature of AVG is its Find/Locate Option. By enabling this feature, you can even secure your smartphone from real-world theft. This option is integrated with Google Maps and thus allowing you to locate wherever your phone is currently located.

Indeed, this app is a must app if you want to make sure that your brand-new device is safe from both external and internal threats.


Why You Should Download AVG Antivirus

You need AVG Antivirus in order to keep your smartphone safe from malware and security threats. Also, this app will keep your phone from slowing down. It has features which regularly cleans up your RAM space.

Also, if you are prone to misplacing your phone or is a usual target of theft, AVG will help you locate your phone every time you lose it.

Overall, with AVG Antivirus your device will be protected.

Download AVG Antivirus now.



2.    Facebook Android App

Photo credits: Google Play

This goes without saying. Probably, even if we did not add this social networking app to this list, you still would download Facebook. Who wouldn’t?

Facebook is currently the leading social media networking site today. Most smartphone users, if not all, have Facebook accounts. After all, FB allows you to communicate with your friends and family wherever they are. Also, with its newsfeed, you also get to be updated with everything they do.

Also, this app is integrated with the Messenger app. Thus, real-time chat with your family and friends can be instant.

Facebook has become a staple part of our cyber life. However, to ensure Internet privacy and security, there are still protective measures which we must perform. If you want to know how you can keep your privacy safe on Facebook, you might want to check out our Ultimate Guide: Protect Your Privacy on Facebook.


Why You Should Download Facebook Android App

If you want to be connected with your friends and family over the Internet, Facebook is the best platform to do so. Also, it will help you become more aware of everything that is happening around you.

This is the best social networking site to engage with other people.

Be connected and stay updated with Facebook.

Download the Facebook Android App now.


3.    Opera Mini

Photo credits: Google Play

Your new device must have come with a pre-installed browser already. However, is that default browser the best one for you?

Among other mobile browsers out there, Opera Mini is the fastest and most popular browser for Android devices. Unlike computers, smartphones heavily rely on WiFi and Internet Data. However, you cannot always be 100% sure that your connection will always be fast.

With Opera Mini, you can be confident that even with the smallest data available, you can still be connected online. This feature is made possible with Opera Mini’s Unique Compression Technology.

Also, this browser has a neat and user-friendly which you will definitely like.

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Why You Should Download Opera Mini

Opera Mini is highly recommended for you if you want a high-speed browser. Also, if you are susceptible to having a slow Internet connection, this browser will make you still connected online.

It has a Unique Compression Technology that can make your surfing experience better compared to other mobile browsers out there.

Thus, if you want Opera Mini to become the default browser of your phone, download Opera Mini now.


4.    ROM Toolbox

Photo credits: Google Play

One of the advantages of having an Android device is the device’s capability to be customized.

With ROM Toolbox, you are given to freedom to tweak your phone according to your preferences. By going through your Personalization setting, you can easily change your system font style, download boot animations, themes, among many others.

Further, with this app, you can even boost your SD card and manage your RAM memory to maximize your device’s performance.

However, if you are satisfied with most of the default settings of your Android device, ROM Toolbox might only get you confused. On the other hand, this app is very useful if you want to explore your device’s ROM, App Manager, System files, among others.


Why You Should Download ROM Toolbox

We highly recommend ROM Toolbox App for rooted users. If you’re interested in personalizing your Android device according to your preferences, you definitely can do so with this app.

After all, why do you need to settle for the same old font and themes if you can change them altogether? Also, you can even boost your smartphone speed by managing your device’s storage and RAM memory.

Indeed, you can do a lot with ROM Toolbox.

If you’re ready to personalize your brand-new Android device now, download ROM Toolbox App here.


5.    Instagram

Photo credits: AndroidPolice

In today’s technological age, people are moved more by pictures than words.

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms with over 700 million followers. Primarily, this site allows people to share pictures for merely social engagement. However, due to its popularity and heavy following, Instagram has also become a great platform for social marketing.


If you want to know more about Instagram and why you should be using it right now, you should check out our article on 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Instagram. This article is going to tell you how you can maximize your personal, social, and professional life with Instagram. Also, it contains practical tips on you could get started.


Why You Should Download Instagram

First, you should download this app if you are an Instagram user yourself. Of course, there is no best way to manage your Instagram profile than having the app itself installed on your device.

With this, you can easily share all the beautiful scenes you have captured. During your free time, you could also scroll through the photos of your friends and even famous celebrities. With this social media platform, you get to be updated with what everybody is doing – through pictures.

On the other hand, if you are not yet in the game. Don’t waste more time and sign up now to Instagram. After all, it’s never too late to reap the benefits of using this social media platform. You could boost your portfolio, market your products or services, or even just have fun!


If you think Instagram should be on your Android device, download Instagram here.


6.    Google Drive

Photo credits: Google Play

Saving everything on your brand-new Android device is going to make it slower. After all, with today’s cloud storage technology, you can easily have access to your device without consuming your smartphone’s internal storage.

Google Drive is currently the #1 online storage for Android devices. If you sign up for a Google account, you will automatically have free cloud storage with a space of 15 GB.

Google Drive is integrated into other Google Apps, such as Google Docs, Google Sheet, among others. Aside from these, this online storage is also supported by a lot of third-party apps to provide you with your needs.

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Further, Google Drive is available cross-device. In other words, you can access your files not only with your Android device, but also with your Windows, Mac, and iOS devices.

Indeed, this Google Drive will not only keep your file safe but also reduce the risk of getting your Android device to perform slower.

If you are interested with other free cloud storage you can use for your device, you might want to check out Never Lose Your Files with These 5 Best Free Cloud Storage. This article will show you all the other online storage you could choose from. Ultimately, this article will help you pick the best for you and your device.


Why You Should Download Google Drive

We highly recommend Google Drive if you want your files to become accessible even without using your Android device’s internal storage.

Also, this is the best online storage if you are fond of using Google Apps. After all, Google Drive is well integrated with other Google Apps.

Keep your files safe and your Android smartphone fast with Google Drive.

Download Google Drive now.


7.    The Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault

Photo credits: Google Play


As you head on towards downloading more apps for your Android device, you will definitely sign up to multiple sites. However, are you sure you can remember all your accounts? After all, using the same username and password put your privacy at risk of getting hacked.

The Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault is password manager app stores all your login data and brings them out whenever you need them. Thus, with this, you can be confident that you will not forget any of your accounts.

Further, this password manager is safe and secure.


Why You Should Download Keeper

If you have multiple accounts registered on different sites, and you just keep forgetting them, you definitely need a password manager.

After all, this is your first layer of defense against getting hacked.


Your Turn

How about you? Do you know any other essential apps we should install in a new Android device? If you do, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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