6 Cool Window 7 Tricks You Can Apply To Become Window Pro User

Window 7 has been on the market for quite a long time now. It is the personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft which is a part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Many of you might be familiar with some of its amazing features already and in case you are not, then do not worry as here I am listing 6 cool Window 7 tricks that will make you a pro user of this OS.

6 Cool Window 7 Tricks You Can Apply To Become Window Pro User

6 Cool Window 7 Tricks You Can Apply To Become Window Pro User

1. Using International Wallpapers and Themes

When you install window 7 for the first time on your computer it will ask for time, language and currency. If you choose the English language, it will install wallpapers in several United States location, such as Maine Southwest and other popular places. However, if you are looking to install the international wallpapers of other countries, such as Australia, South Africa, and Canada you can go to the search box in the start menu and type:-

C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT and press enter

Now you will see a list of subfolders under different time zones such as MCT-CA, MCT-AU, MCT-GB, MCT-US, and MCT-ZA. There are different subfolders which have wallpapers of countries including Australia, United States, and South Africa. Now you can go through various wallpapers and install it as per your interest.

Using International Wallpapers and Themes

2. Get Power Efficiency Report

The battery is always a problem for any user. If you are using window 7, there is a hidden folder that will examine your battery and save the power.

To save more power, you can run a command prompt and type cmd in the search box.

Get power Efficiency Report

In the command window type the following in the command line

powercfg -energy -output \<i>Folder</i>\Energy_Report.html

Now the system will analyze the behavior your computer. It will provide you a report in the HTML format and shows you the ways to improve the battery life.

3. Bypass the Recycle Bin

Recycle bin is a great feature provided by the windows. It helps you stop deleting the files accidentally. However, sometimes you don’t want files to drop into the recycle bin but want to delete it for permanent. There is a trick in window 7 that helps you to change the settings of the recycle bin and directly deletes the file.

Bypass the Recycle Bin

To do so, you can right click on the recycle bin and go to the properties.

Now you can click on the drive you want to disable the recycle bin and select the option “Don’t move files to recycle bin“. This will help you delete the files permanently without your files getting dropped in the recycle bin.

Click OK to apply the above settings.

4. Open Window Explorer Fast

If you want to open window explorer without hovering your mouse over the window symbol, then follow this trick. Press the Window logo+E and it will open the window explorer quickly.

Open Window Explorer Fast

5. Lock, Window Quickly

Many people don’t know how to lock the window quickly. For locking the Window screen press Window Logo+L and it will lock the screen.

Lock, Window Quickly

6. Show Hidden Files and Folders

If you want to hide few folders and files from other people, then it can be done in Window 7. To do so, you can go to search bar and type the Folder. Now select the folder option and click on the view tab. Now you will see the option “Hidden Files and Folders”. There are two options “Don’t show the hidden files and folders” and “show hidden files and folder”. If you don’t want to show your files to someone then check the latter option. This will completely hide your file.

Show Hidden Files and Folders


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