5 Top VPN Providers to Protect Your Online Privacy

In today’s digital world, our privacy is always under attack. There is no best time to think about getting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) than today.

In this article, we will help you understand what a Virtual Private Network is and how it can help you keep your data and privacy secure.


Are you confident that your online privacy is protected from hackers? Apparently, despite our technological advancement, net neutrality has become a thing of the past. Recent events show that Internet Service Provides (ISP) will soon be permitted to sell their client’s data – that is practically everyone’s information!

Thus, it has become important for every internet user to understand the importance of VPN security and how it can help us to keep our data and privacy secure. Also, we have compiled a list of the best VPN providers for you to choose.

So, without further ado, let us head on to what is a VPN?

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What is VPN and How Does It Work?

Virtual private network or VPN originated from the need of companies to have their employees and contractors access their computer system remotely. Also, they needed their access to have the same credentials as if they are connected to their home network even though they are away.

With the usual network connections using tons of wires and cable, this setup was initially impossible. However, with the use of a VPN client, it has become feasible to manipulate your computer that you are a member of a particular network.

Thus, VPN is creating a virtual network which is not physically wired to every computer hardware. Also, this can be protected with a password, thus making a virtual private network. Through VPN, users can have their private cyberspace accessible across the world.

Beyond this, VPNs are more commonly used to access the internet anonymously since the network is shown online instead of your private identity. This privacy also extends up to internet service providers who will have limited access to your online activities. Further, it allows users to access country-specific censored websites.

To do this, VPN replaces your Internet Protocol (IP) address with another – like a proxy but more secure. Its protection lies with VPN’s encryption setting where your traffic is redirected through a secure tunnel where no one access due to layers of encryption.

However, not all virtual private networks services are created equal. There are a lot of unreliable VPNs available which does not encrypt your traffic. Worst, there are some which instead collect them and sell to data marketers.

Thus, here are the 5 trustworthy VPNs you can check out to help you keep your online privacy safe and secure.

The 5 Top VPN Providers

1.    ExpressVPN

Photo credits: ExpressVPN

Among the trusted leaders in VPN, ExpressVPN overthrows website restrictions and control for you to have unlimited access to everything the Internet has to offer – music, games, social media, everything, just name it.

With one click, this virtual private network ensures that your IP address is well-hidden, and your network encrypted. With ExpressVPN, nobody can know what you are up to.

Further, this VPN comes with user-friendly apps optimized to work on almost all devices. Thus, you get one VPN subscription for you Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and even Linux!

Easy to Use

Some virtual private networks are extremely difficult to use. They provide a difficult interface and features which burdens even the network experts.

ExpressVPN is different – it offers a user-friendly experience without sacrificing its power and functionality. After all, to get connected, all you have to this is select “connect”.

Also, ExpressVPN simplifies the usual rigorous VPN set-up through its mobile-style application that is composed of various features. Through this, it is easy to locate the servers which you may want to connect with as ExpressVPN classified locations by country and region.

Searching the right network for you is as easy as running a quick speed test

Rock Solid Speed and Consistency

Unlike ease of use, VPN speed can be accurately measured. However, being fast should also be coupled with consistency – that is what ExpressVPN offers.

This VPN is the fastest virtual private network there is. It is resilient across different servers. In other other words, it has a consistent global performance while maintaining low latency.

Indeed, may it be for business nor computer gaming, ExpressVPN can provide you with fast and reliable service.

Top-notch Security and Reliability

The consistency of ExpressVPN is extended to its security features.

As an overview, this VPN includes the following security package: killswitch, 256-bit AES, and SSTP. In all these, ExpressVPN has proven itself to be stable. Further, it has shown integrity as it has never leaked any DNS request or IP address.

When the killswitch was triggered, ExpressVPN will automatically cut the connection – making it impossible for hackers to interrogate for your data further.

Why You Should Use This?

If you want the best encryption against cyberspies and hackers and the power to access any content with no limits – geo-blocks nor bandwidth – then, ExpressVPN might be the right VPN for you.


2.    CyberGhost VPN

Photo credits: CyberGhost VPN

Our online data is a primary target of both the authorities and cyber hackers. Thus, for CyberGhost VPN is committed to providing users with digital censorship and access to geo-restricted web contents.

With this VPN, users can access blocked sites, streaming services, sporting events, and enjoy safe torrenting and online deals.

15 years in service, CyberGhost is committed to bypass geo-blocks for you to maximize everything the world has to offer – including Netflix.

Streaming UI

The previous CyberGhost interface was reported to be difficult to uses. However, with its recent improvements, CyberGhost has come up with a neatly designed interface while preserving features it is best known for – online streaming.

Like ExpressVPN, Cyberghost also utilizes a mobile-style app user interface (UI). However, to increase operation, the UI can also be expanded accordingly to be configured for your needs.

Dedicated to Streaming

One of the most popular functions of VPN is to bypass geo-restricted sites, especially the paid streaming platforms like Netflix.

CyberGhost VPN ‘s UI design is dedicated to such streaming activities. Its Version 7 has specific servers to connect to more than 50 streaming channels, from music, podcasts, videos, to movies.

Every server is particularly optimized on its location. Thus, wherever you are, you will always have access to your preferred streaming platform.

Why You Should Use This?

If you need a one-click solution for both your streaming and online privacy needs, you should get CyberGhost VPN. With a single subscription, you can have as much as 7 devices empowered and protected.

Also, you can enjoy this VPN’s features cross-device – Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android – and cross-browsers – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, among many others.


3.    NordVPN

Photo credits: NordVPN

If you are looking forward to protecting your online security without breaking the bank, you might want to check out NordVPN.

Using this VPN, no one can have access to your private information since all your Internet activities go through an encrypted tunnel. Thus, you can be confident that all your browsing searches are shielded from cyber hackers and even government surveillance.

Also, through changing your IP address, NordVPN works effectively in providing you access to online services blocked in your region.

Quick Connect

Unlike the other VPNs which provides user-friendly experience through a mobile-style app, NORDVPN, on the other hand, took a different but genius approach.

It provides a map that illustrates all its server locations across the world. To get started with your preferred network, all you need to do is to choose your preferred server location on the map and click “connect”.

Although its configurations may be similarly difficult like the other VPNs, still NORDVPN’s server navigation offers a different yet amazing user experience.

Security and Reliable Encryption

Data encryption is one way to protect your online privacy. However, NordVPN goes beyond that.

Indeed, NordVPN is geared with various security and protection features including its amazing encryption and protocol settings. Notwithstanding that it also contains a lot of specialty servers for an extra layer of protection.

On top of these, NordVPN’s servers even practically double up your encryption making it almost impossible to track your online activities.

This virtual private network also comes with CyberSec, a built-in anti-malware and adblocking software. This strengthens your antivirus software in protecting your computer and network from unwanted invaders.

Privacy and Online Freedom

NordVPN has high integrity when it comes to privacy. Various tests against this VPN show that it never records any of your online footprints. Thus, what it does not have, it cannot give.

Basically, in setting up your VPN using NordVPN, the only information it will ask you is your e-mail address. Also, its record logs are kept to a minimum – your name, IP address, and location are not in its system.

Why You Should Use This?

If you are looking for a VPN service which can provide you quick access to the best possible servers while staying safe, then NordVPN might be the right VPN for you.

With its Kill Switch technology, you can be confident that no matter what happens, your private data will never be exposed.

Also, you do not need to worry about the complexities and intricacies of this virtual private network, NordVPN is proud of its 24/7 customer service which can walk you through throughout your subscription.


4.    Private Internet Access

Photo credits: Private Internet Access


If you need an affordable VPN service that exactly does the job of protecting your online privacy, then Private Internet Access should be on your shortlist.

Chill with your mind at ease, Private Internet Access is jampacked with VPN features such as Secure VPN Account, Encrypted Wi-Fi, P2P Support, Block ads, trackers, and malware, Unlimited Bandwidth, among many others.

Further, it has more than 3341 servers in 32 different countries. This should keep you calm about staying anonymous wherever you are and whatever you are doing,

Overwhelming Speed

Surprisingly, despite its relatively minimum performance on encryption, Private Internet Access (PIA) still offers a fast VPN service. Thus, it follows ExpressVPN in global performance when it comes to speed and reliability.

Also, it has an Instant Setup feature which saves from the complicated configurations of VPN.

Security for a Budget

There are free VPNs available out there. However, you cannot be 100% confident that it will protect your online privacy. After all, why will it if you are not paying them for the service?

Private Internet Access has an affordable plan for your security needs. It has annual and biennial plans that make payments way cheaper compared to other budget VPNs on the market. Further, it has five simultaneous connections which can make transactions secure and anonymous.

And yes, you can even use bitcoin as your payment method. After all, cryptocurrency adds another layer of anonymity.

Indeed, PIA is the best VPN that will not burn your pockets.

Why You Should Use This?


Private Internet Access is highly recommended if you just want a VPN service that does the job.

In as low a $3.49 per month – in a two-year subscription of $83.87 – you get to enjoy online security, identity protection, and access to restricted websites.


5.    TorGuard

Photo credits: TorGuard

In all security threats created by cybercriminals, protecting your data has become a very important issue. With TorGuard, you can have a user-friendly VPN service that safeguards your online identity.

Top-notch Security

TorGuard does its job as a virtual private network. However, when it comes to security, it can be competitive against NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

TorGuard fuses its advanced security features with flexibility. Unlike with other VPNs where you can only modify the key size, using this VPN enables you to change both the protocol and cipher you use.

Further, you can customize your connection to work on particular apps. This is great in instances where you have to sever the connection to a specific user without losing your browser connection.

Why You Should Use This?

TorGuard has all the VPN features you are looking for – from unlimited bandwidth, cross-device optimization, bypass restriction, and VPN stealth protocols.

Thus, if you want to keep it simple yet effective, you might enjoy using TorGuard.


The Bottom Line

Not all VPNs are created equal. Thus, you must find the best one that suits your needs and pockets. In this article, we have listed down 5 of the best VPNs according to your needs.

Your Turn

How about you? Do you have any experience using these VPNs? If you do, we would like to hear your story. Let us know in the comment section below.

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