5 Super Apps That Help to Locate Your Family

We know that we all have a super busy life. We always want to get in touch with our family and nothing like the technology to do it. So today we have brought 5 Super Apps that help to locate your family. We suggest you these 5 best apps for a smartphone that will help you keep up with the location of your family.

5 Super Apps that Connect Your Family:

# 1 – Life360:

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Life360 is an application designed specifically to know the location of your family. Similarly, you can establish a family circle using your telephone contacts and provide detailed information on the location of each contact. The app also has a panic button with which your children or other members of the family group can send you a help alert. The app also offers a premium version that provides assistance in emergency roads. Download it for free in the App Store and Google Play.

# 2 – Family Locator:

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Family Locator is another app specially designed to quickly locate the members of your family. Although its interface is simple, it requires that you add your contacts one by one by entering their name, phone number and, if desired, email account. Once you have done the registration you can find your children on a map that is updated in real time. The app also has a paid version that offers a history with the locations of your family members and especially children, so you can watch that they do not visit sites that you do not authorize. Download it for free in the App Store and Google Play.

# 3 – Connect:

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Connect is also one of the super apps. Connect is a useful application because it allows you to locate your children without the need that both have a similar device because it works without problems between iPhone and Android. The secret behind Connect is that it allows you to link phone, Facebook, Google, Twitter and even LinkedIn contacts. This app gives you clues as to where your children are located and even lets you call them or send them a message from the application. Download it for free on the App Store and on Google Play.

# 4 – GeoZilla:


GeoZilla is also one of the super apps that ensure family safety. It is designed with a unique combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Geolocation technologies, and IoT solutions to keep your family safe. Once this app is connected with the GPS of your car, it also lets you know where your car is, moving or parked and if it is safe to drive. This app is also accessible on Wearable such as smartwatch so you can track your family, especially children on the go.

# 5 –  Find My Friends:

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This one is the indispensable geolocation app that uses iPhone. Fine my friends allow you to find your family member accurately on a detailed map. You just have to download it on your iPhone and on other family member’s smartphone. This app is extremely useful. Because it is showing you the location of your family in real time, it allows you to set alerts that will indicate when they leave sites like school or home. Download it for free in the App Store.

These all are Super Apps that let you know where your family member is – Any time, Anywhere.

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