5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Instagram

A picture speaks a thousand words.  Convey your thoughts and let the world know through one of the world’s leading social platforms – Instagram.

In this article, we shall discuss the top reasons why you should be on Instagram right now. Even if you already have an account and might have shared a few photos here and there, you might still be missing a lot. Therefore, it is also worth noting the other Instagram features you might not have used yet.

Also, if you want to maximize your potential as a hobbyist – even earn from it – all you have to do is get to the hashtag games of Instagram. Notwithstanding that you can even advance your business profit and engagement in this platform.

But before we move forward, let us first know more about Instagram.

What is Instagram?

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Instagram has both worlds – the photo album feature of Facebook and the quirks of Snapchat.

Today, this social platform has more than 700 million followers worldwide. However, it does not stop here. It continuously grows more than ever.

Indeed, Instagram is one of the leading social platforms right now. Its recent updates and features have invited more and more users to integrate both their personal, social, and professional lives. Apparently, with its ability to tell a good story through beautiful images, Instagram has become today’s best marketing platform.

Thus, from here on, Instagram continues to have a very bright future ahead for its users.

1.    Instagram is a Free and User-Friendly Platform

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The best things in life do not come with a price, and this is what is great about Instagram.

Instagram is available for free in all devices. If you want to hop in now, check out the download links below:

Although users usually utilize Instagram using smartphones, you can still nonetheless use it on your desktop. After all, it is optimized cross-device.

Like most popular social media platform – Facebook and Twitter –, all you need is to sign up to the platform using your e-mail address and a little bit of personal information to get started.

Once you are on the platform, simply click the plus button to add images. Soon, it will be displayed on your profile. Also, once you have gained your followers, these uploaded images will also be shown in their feed.  Likewise, if you follow others, you also get to see what they have posted.

Pretty simple, right? It is like a simpler Facebook photo-sharing feature.

Also, like other social network platforms, users can also comment and like photos, and even download them. Notwithstanding that like a messaging app, you can communicate to other users through a private message.

With these interesting features, you can even follow celebrities and popular figures. Thus, you will get to be updated with everything they are up to.

After all, Instagram is focused on visual sharing. Therefore, if you do upload great ones, you definitely get to gain a large audience sooner or later.


2.    This Platform Effectively Showcases your Portfolio

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Instagram offers great opportunities for networking, especially for creatives – visual artists, photographers, videographers, designers, among many others. Indeed, this social app has become one of the leading platforms for a portfolio. It guarantees the audience and potential engagement with the community.

Also, even if you are just a hobbyist who loves to take photos of your grandiose lunch, places you visit, or your plain selfie, Instagram is also a great place to showcase your passion. Who known your works might be actually good? You will never know you might discover your hidden talents.

Even so, whatever your purpose is, Instagram will allow you to connect with other people more effectively than any other platforms out there.

Tips to have a great Instagram portfolio

1.      Write a professional yet creative Instagram bio

Of course, if you are looking forward to having a large network of an audience, you might want to start the investment in your own biography. After all, once they found their photos interesting, they will immediately look at your biography to know more about you.

But, what do they want to know about you?

First, they would want to know who you are and what you do. You have the option to state your real name, or just a pen name if your personal identity needs to be hidden for whatever reason. Also, you may opt to use a company name if you look forward on that track.

Next, they might also be interested in your location. After all, your works are highly influenced by the country or place in which you reside. Also, if people wanted to connect or collaborate with you personally, they would love to know if this is immediately possible.

Also, it would be best if you could add a link to your website where they could know more about your work. Here is what your potential employers might look into. Notwithstanding that this social platform is also a great way to have more traffic to your own site. After all, visitors are translated into money.

Lastly and more importantly, state something personal about you like: what are you up to? What are your hobbies? What do you plan on achieving in this platform? Why are you here? Providing answers to this question allows your audience to share your passion.

2.      Make your Instagram feed pretty

Instagram is great because of its photos. Thus, if you want to stay on top, you have to share visually appealing photos.

The great thing, Instagram has a built-in filter to help you optimize your pictures. You can choose from its free filters and avail some paid ones in order to attract your audience.

Also, you should curate your uploaded photos in a way that it will showcase your best works! You can do this creatively – using photos with the same color, filter, and other ingenuine ways to capture the eyes of your audience.

3.      What you should post?

There is no hard and fast rule on what to post in your feed. After all, you have the freedom to upload anything you want. However, if you are somewhat clueless, here are some ideas to jumpstart your visual story sharing on Instagram.

  • Your passion and interests: art, design, music, food, interior, landscape, anything! Although it would be best if you would have a focus or consistency. Nonetheless, if you just wish to account the beautiful things that had happened to your everyday life – that is good too!
  • Make your feed a repository of your milestones and achievements. Impress your friends and audience with your accomplishments. After all, it is not something to be shy about, your success is to be shared worldwide.
  • You can also inspire others through images. Most people these days do not have a lot of time to read tons of books just to get their hopes up. In most cases, all they need is a picture which promotes positivity and optimism. If you are passionate about helping others, you can do so through your Instagram feed.
  • Announcements are also great announced through Instagram. If you are a business owner who wants to promote your products and services, this social app is a great platform to do so. Let your audience stay tuned to everything you have to offer.

Really, the quality of your Instagram feed is all in your hands. Just make sure to focus on your Instagram goals with creativity, and everything should end up wonderfully.


4.      Use #hashtags to connect with your target niche

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Once you have uploaded bunches of photos and curated them well, you can start getting in touch with the audience. One way to do this is to utilize the hashtag feature of Instagram.

Basically, you can start to have active branding using hashtags. In this way, your audience will have name recall of your product or service. Also, once they follow your hashtags, they will be transported to everything that had used them.

For example: #TechCoffeesBlog #KnowMoreWithTechCoffees #DailyTechCoffees

Also, you may opt to join the bandwagon by using the most popular hashtags. Through this, you have the potential to be discovered by others.

For example #Summer2019 #FoodIsLife or even just #Goodmorning is trending globally.


Indeed, there are various ways to gain exposures and opportunities through Instagram. In all these ways, the key is creativity.

3.    Instagram is also the Best Place to Market your Products or Service

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As mentioned earlier, Instagram is a powerful social networking platform to promote your products and reach your potential customers.

Here are some tips to maximize Instagram for your business.

1.      Promote hashtag contests

If you are looking to grow your community and capture leads in order to sell your product, conducting an Instagram hashtag contest is a great way to do it.

Browsing through this app, you will see how many businesses have gained followers using this strategy. After all, who doesn’t want to have freebies in exchange for using hashtags?

2.      Instagram Ads

Another great way to promote your business is to use Instagram Ads. Although like Facebook and Google, you will have to pay for this feature. Nonetheless, you can be confident that your ads on Instagram are shown to the right audience. In that case, your money might be effectively translated to customers.

After all, if you are running a big business and don’t have enough time to manage your account. It would be great to automate these kinds of exposures.

3.      Offer discounts to your customers

What do we like next after freebies? Of course, discounts.

Like the hashtags, you can invite your audience to purchase your products or avail your services at a discounted rate. All they need to do is to share a picture using your hashtag.

Indeed, these simple promotional activities look very simple. However, they are very effective, especially in today’s digital age.

4.    You Can Also Drive Traffic to your Website Using this Platform

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Isn’t it disheartening whenever you have something you are proud of but no one sees it? Similarly, if you have your own website, wouldn’t it be great if you could have a lot of traffic? After all, traffic can be translated to earnings – either through monetizing them or by actually selling them your products.

The great thing, Instagram is also a great platform to drive traffic to your website. Once you have gained a lot of followers, you may invite them to your website by adding a link in your posts.

Of course, you have to utilize creative and interesting call-to-action to entice your audience.

Basically, by doing this consistently, your website will definitely gain followers. After all, among social media networking sites out there, Instagram is one of the best platforms to gain traffic from.

5.    Instagram is Pure Fun

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The primary reason why Instagram is doing really great now is that it is fun and entertaining.

Most people just enjoy taking their pictures, adding filters, and sharing them online. It provides a great opportunity for each and every user to engage with others. Also, isn’t it plain amusing to get updated with your followers’ day to day lives? You could also chat with them privately or through commenting on their photos.

Aside from these, having access to a library of great images is also pleasurable. After all, photos in Instagram are curated to be visually appealing.

For whatever it is worth, get into Instagram because it is going to bring you so much joy.


In this article, we have listed 5 reasons why you should be on Instagram right now. Also, we have added tips and suggestions on how you can make your Instagram activities worth-it.

Your Turn

How about you? Were we able to convince you to get in Instagram? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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