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These days, everything tends to roll around social networks. You want friends, you go onto facebook, you want a discussion, you get onto reddit, you want pictures, there’s instagram. Hell, even if you want a job you’ll be expected to have a linkedin account. So with all these social networks running around, why would you want more? Well, the truth of the matter is, that the area of social networks is in constant flux and specialization, so we bring you our top 5 picks from the newest social networks to date.

Vero has been around for nearly 3 years, but in recent times, it’s been killing facebookVero was launched in 2015 by Ayman Hariri. He made this app mostly because he himself didn’t like social networks that were popular at the time.He pretty much tried to make Vero be 3 in 1 (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).The thing about Vero is that doesn’t manipulate your feed.There is also difference between followers and friends on this app. You can also either chose to place someone as close friend, friend or acquaintance. Though Vero is only temporarily free, it places no ads upon its users and anyone that makes an account today will have it free for life!  is a social network that is similar to Twitter, mostly “old Twitter” with more than 40k users. His founder, Eugen Rochko wants Mastodon to be reformed Twitter with only the best parts. There are no ads every now and then, and you are not likely to be harassed. You will write something like “toot” or “noot” instead of tweets. You can also hide content on Mastodon like spoilers, inappropriate content or you can indicate a link you want to skip. is a broadcasting network with more than a hundred of games! And not only that, there are news, fashion, sport talk shows and more.It’s like, only a lot better. Here are some reasons why. Broadcasting in this social network is simple task. Not having to broadcasting using stream keys or IP addresses makes it  so good! Caffeine is also very fast so there is no delay, well, never. Video streaming has never been so easy and available as with

Tingles is a app that lets you enjoy ASMR videos from your phone, either in background or with screen turned off. You can save your favourite videos or like and follow your favourite artists. You can download videos to play them offline. With Tingles, you can experience add free watching, and you can set a sleep timer so you don’t waste your battery life. Tingles is a great app for either promoting yours, or finding someone else’s music.

Anchor ,which helps anyone record and share audio. While in the past, Anchor  was carving out a niche for itself in the short-form, social audio space, the new version – Anchor 3.0 – aims to be everything you need to record, edit, host, publish, and distribute a podcast of any length, as well as track how well the podcast is performing. It’s absolutely free and ad-free, and it allows your podcasts to be followed by your friends and connections!


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