10 Watermark Apps to Protect Your Online Photos

It mostly happened with photographer when they saw their own clicked pictures and someone other claim it to be their own creation. Similarly, as the craze over young generation is increasing of clicking pictures with their high-megapixel camera phone, they also becoming possessive about their creativity while clicking photos. In order to protect your online photos from getting claimed by someone else. We are going to suggest you the best 10 watermark apps to protect your online photos.

1. Salt Watermark: Add Watermark & Logo to Photos

Developer: Salt Group Apps

Operating System: Android

Rating: 4.9/5.0 Google Play Store

Installs: 1 million +

Adding watermarks, logo or texts to images, to be uploaded online have never been easy. The clean user interface, easy to use functionality makes the task of adding a watermark effortless. Watermarks are not only beneficial in protecting one’s images and artworks but could also be used as a free advertising tool; helping one reach the customers for different products by using the watermark to display logo and contact information.


Salt application for android is a free watermark apps to protect your online photos with some in-app purchases which provides all the functionality one can hope for in personal as well as business android applications. With features including different crop sizes for various uses like Facebook ads, Facebook Cover, YouTube Arts etc. It comes in handy all the time, adding of stickers or logo and their more natural placement is an example of professional work. Additionally, with a little effort and the different types of texts and the liberty to create your own, just adds a cherry on the top. Easy to use functionality, less time consuming, the simple and straightforward interface allows one to add watermark to images in no time lets users protect their content on the web.

2. IWatermark

Developer: Plum Amazing

Operating System: Android, iOS and Windows

Rating: 4.2/5.0 Google Play Store

Installs: 500,000 + Google Play Store

With only Watermark app on the market for android, iOS/Mac and Windows devices are available in two versions, one free and the plus (paid) version. The difference between the free and regular version is that the free version adds a small watermark of its saying “Created with IWatermark” and misses on some advanced features like creating and adding your graphic, QR watermark and signature to be used as watermark also, providing with the possibility to choose from 20 high-resolution watermark.


IWatermark is a free watermark apps to protect your online photos and provides users with tons of features in a pretty easy-to-use app. With functionality enabling users to add self-developed texts, graphics or logo created in .png format, or choose from 157 pre-installed fonts. The batch process lets users especially helping businesses add watermark to multiple images at a time with additional option to alter opacity, colour, font, angle and scale of the watermark.

IWatermark’s feature which distinguishes this app is its option of creating your own QR code, which will only reveal information when scanned through QR scanners or the right mobile apps. This QR code can also be used on Amazon products listed for selling which is really helpful for online sellers and content creators.

3. Logolicious

Developer: The Laughing Dutchmen

Operating system: Android

Rating: 4.7/5.0 Google Play Store

Installs: 1 million +

User-friendly interface, no ads and easy-to-use among other tons of features have landed this app on our list. It’s a one-stop-shop to promote, customise and protect your images online. Though logolicious app is ads-free watermark mobile application to protect your online photos and it comes with in-app purchases. But the advanced features and simple interface makes watermarking hassle-free.


Features make an application great and this app is riddled with features like: No size restrictions on the logo uploaded and support all formats of image files.  Additionally, embedded EXIF data, no drop in image quality but with the option to reduce resolution if required, alter opacity of text, logo, addition of multiple logos and protective X-grid with just a click and liberty to create your own template.

4. Photo Watermark

Developer: MVTrail Tech

Operating system: Android

Rating: 4.5/5.0 Google Play Store

Installs: 1 million +

With some advanced and professional features this app stands its ground being a complex but simple at the same time. To make available all the features and choices-the interface is a little bit clumpsy. Photo Watermark will take some time to understand and use in the end it will show its worth by providing endless possibilities.

Photo Watermark

Photo Watermark app is well suited watermark mobile application to protect your online photos with easy personalization of watermark, logo or text. Feature that distinguishes this app from others in the market is its usability range from a noob to a pro as in one cam simply add a watermark or even do professional with adding watermark, timestamp, signature, artwork with logo etc. Other cool attributes include: quick share option which enables users to post their protected images on different social media sites without any dismay of it being stolen and used without attribution, options of cloning and editing, redo and undo, saving of created templates and reusing make it a must have.

5. Add Watermark Free

Developer:  AndroidVilla

Operating System: Android

Rating: 4.3/5.0 Google Play Store

Installs: 1 million +

Place watermark, text or logo into your image; adjust it, rotate it, resize it, move it and adjust opacity and post it on social media protected and attributed. This app can do it all and protect your image online through its free and paid apps with a little sacrifice in free version like no batch mode etc.

Add Watermark Free

It includes features like the number of built-in fonts and it provides liberty to create custom fonts with different colours and effects in the text mode. Integrated quick sharing platform, sticker collection, support of 360-degree panoramas, timestamp, GPS tags and support of XMP and EXIF metadata puts this app on the same shelf as its competitors, fulfilling its task effectively and efficiently.

6. eZy Watermark Photo

Developer: Whizpool

Operating System: Android

Rating: 3.7/5.0 Google Play Store

Installs: 1 million-plus

This app provides you with a feature of capture to add watermark and shares on the go. Its user-friendly interface and lots of watermarking features let you do these tasks on the flick of your hand. With eZy Watermark Photo app you can add up to 5 photos in a batch and watermark them together in a go. Moreover one can create custom templates and save them for later use.With the help of templates one doesn’t need to adjust watermark position every time, once it’s saved, can be used next time easily. These templates can be used in both single or batch photos.

Some amazing key features of eZy Watermark Photo are: Using text, signature, logo, QR code, copyright, trademark etc. to add Watermark to photographs, availability of options such as auto-alignment, opacity, position and rotation of watermark, import and Export images and watermarks quickly from within the device memory or from social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook etc., add shadows to watermark.

7. A+ Signature: Photo Annotator and Watermark

Developer: Pixtolab Technologies Inc.

Operating System: iOS

Rating: 4.9/5.0

A multiple-use photo annotation app which allows you to create watermarks easily on any photo. This application has a unique combo of texts and hand drawing tools which makes it easy for us to edit and share photos. Fun photocards can also be created and shared directly from within the app with friends.

Some key features of A+ are: Use of keyboard to add texts, adding multiple drawings or smooth handwritings by using the capture screen, inter Sharing of photos from/to compatible apps, customizable stock Items can be used and contains one of the best handwritten signature technologies in the Apple Store. Additionally, it offers easy sharing of photos to other social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, email or Airdrop sharing, favourite texts and drawings can be easily used, 115 different fonts available to be used, move, resize and rotate your fonts easily, copy and paste any drawing to other apps.

8. PhotoMarks – Visual watermarking & photo annotation

Developer: Bits&Coffee

Operating System: iOS

Rating: 4.8/5.0

PhotoMarks is an easy solution to all your watermarking problems. Images can be easily protected by copyrighting them using watermarks created by this app. Watermarked photos can easily be shared on any social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Watermark text or image can be fully customised using PhotoMarks.

It features includes functionality features such as exporting photos with no quality loss in full resolution, easily undo and redo, support to add multiple layers of text and logos, saving and retrieving of marks as profiles for later use, simple gesture controls to rotate, and scale and position watermarks, It also offers all system fonts and combination of colors, easy transparency and adding of shadow effect, adding stroke effect to give the text a different look and feel, save watermark to camera roll, easy sharing of created watermark via email or to other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, localization in Italian, German, Spanish & Romanian languages.

9. EasyMark- Easily watermark photos and videos

Developer: CandyBayApp

Operating System: iOS

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

Amazing app for photographers and bloggers to instantly add watermark to their photos or videos. This app also comes handy for users who loves to share videos or vines to Instagram and other social media platforms. EasyMark lets you create your own watermark with your name, logo, sticker and QR code. Some other key features of EasyMark includes creating watermark for both videos and photos, saving watermarked photos in their original quality without compromising with the resolution, saving edited files as templates for later use, adding your own logo, signature and brand, user- friendly interface, lots of beautiful ready-to-use fonts, stickers and icons, fully customizable whether it’s a text or image.

10. My Watermarks – Personalized signature & logo watermarks

Developer: ChengDu PinGuo Technology Co., Ltd.

Operating System: iOS

Rating: 4.5/5.0

To create a personalized signature, watermark or logo, then My Watermarks should be the first choice. This app is developed in a way to help people to add watermark in any way they want. As it is developed by the world’s leading photography app developers Camera 360, it brings some exciting features along with it. My Watermarks lets you to take or choose a photo of anything and add watermark to it instantly. One just needs to have a pure background and personal logos can be created on the go. User just needs to be somewhat creative to create beautiful logos from whatever inspires them. Another amazing feature of My Watermarks is to take a photo of any handwriting and convert it into a photo signature.

Moreover, the colour of the handwriting can also be changed, just write anything on a blank white paper and you are good to go. Logos or watermarks can be easily dragged from one position to another and can be resized. My Watermarks also helps you to keep a record of your history logo, signature or icon within the device memory for future use. Moreover, saved watermarks can also be deleted later.

The listed above are the 10 watermark apps to protect your online photos in both android and iOS interface. In this way, you can protect your clicked photos from anyone who claimed it to be their own creation by adding a watermark which can be or name or signature in term text or font style. The application also provides to remove the watermark afterward to use as your own preferences.

Do not forget to share your own best watermark mobile application in the comment section below.

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